Accused of the accused: Vijay Raj broke the silence said – 23-year career is at stake, if I affected the livelihood, then am I not a Victim

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36 minutes ago

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57-year-old Vijay Raj, a crow biryani, is in trouble. Recently, he was arrested in Gondia on charges of molesting a kalig on the set of lioness, later got bail but now his 23-year film career is at stake. Speaking on the allegations, he said that it is astonishing to remove him from the upcoming films before any kind of investigation.

I also have a 21 year old daughter, I know seriously
In an interview to Bombay Times, Vijay Raj has shared every moment on himself. They say- Women safety is most important today. I have my own 21 year old daughter so I know the seriousness of the situation. I am ready for every kind of investigation. I do not have words This situation is dangerous. I have given 23 years to the industry. Worked hard to make a career. Made a house by adding a straw. Can anyone harm someone’s career? Someone spoke and you assumed that I was exploited.

Vijay made me accused even before investigation
Vijay further says – All get the result without knowing the other side. No matter what the decision of the case is. But by then you are hit. I was made an accused even before the investigation. If my livelihood is affected, am I not a Victim? How my old father and my daughter both living in Delhi must have faced the society. Nobody thinks this.

Vijay apologized in front of 30 people
The entire incident occurred among 30 people who were present on the set. The eyewitness told- The girl was sitting when Vijay grabbed her hand to get her attention. Because of this he lost his temper. Anyway, this is not the right way to deal with a female colleague at a work place. Vijay understood that he had made a mistake and also apologized to the girl immediately, but she was very sad.


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