Acquaintances of Haryana grabbed the amount borrowed in the name of land purchase, case registered. Muzaffaragar, acquaintances of Haryana grabbed the amount borrowed in the name of land purchase, case registered

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The father-sons of Haryana grabbed the amount of 1.42 crore borrowed from the farmer of Muzaffarnagar in the name of purchase of land. After the settlement, 15 checks given for payment also got dishonored. After the complaint from the ADG zone, on the orders of the SSP, the police station Bhorakala started action by prosecuting the two accused.

Rajpal, a farmer resident of Gadhi Nauabad village of Thana Bhorakalan, has become very difficult to recognize in Haryana. The acquaintances of 14 years gave him an injury of 1.42 crores. Rajpal Singh, a 55-year-old farmer resident of Garhi Nauabad, son of Late. On the complaint of Ram Singh, the police is now searching for the vicious father and son of Haryana.

Police swung into action on complaint from ADG Zone

Rajpal Singh had met ADG Meerut Zone Rajiv Sabarwal and complained that the district police was not taking any action in the fraud committed against him. ADG Meerut Zone ordered the SSP to take the matter seriously. After which an FIR was registered against the accused in the Bhorakalan police station.

This was a case of fraud from farmer Rajpal

According to Rajpal Singh, his relations were with Sultan Singh’s son Dayala Ram and his son Shyam Singh resident village Nangal Shalu police station, Narnaul district, Mahendragarh, Haryana, about 14 years ago. Told that Sultan Singh spoke to him in December 2012 to buy land and for this he and his son Shyam Singh had taken a loan of Rs 1.4286 crore from him. Sultan Singh had promised to return the amount in 5 years.

Rajeev Singh, son of Bhim Singh, resident of village Manauthi police station, Bahadurgarh district, Jhajhar, Haryana and Dharmendra son of Sarjit Singh, resident of village Birhod, police station Salawas, district Jhajhar, Haryana, was handed over the amount to Sultan Singh.

After 5 years, the matter got worse when the money was asked back.

After 5 years, when Rajpal asked for refund of the amount given from Sultan Singh, the matter got worse. According to Rajpal, Sultan Singh even stopped picking up his phone. After a few days, the people responsible made a settlement and Sultan Singh promised to return the entire amount before 30 April 2020.

On 17 January 2020, Sultan Singh and Shyam Singh gave 15 checks to Rajpal by paying the full amount. Told that money will be deposited in the account on April 20. Only after this check is to be made, but the money has not been received till date. Rajpal complained in this matter at the local level, but when no action was taken, he reached the ADG Meerut Zone.

In this case, a case has been registered against the accused Sultan Singh and Shyam Singh under sections 406 and 420 of the IPC at the Bhorakalan police station. In this case, the investigation has been handed over to SI Sohanpal Singh of the police station.

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