Action will be taken if unheard, complaints will be resolved quickly. Action will be taken if unheard, complaints will be resolved quickly

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Toll free number 1912 was set by the electricity company for the convenience of the electricity consumers troubled by electricity related problems many years ago in Unnao. On this, it was told that all complaints related to electricity would be heard through phone. But due to lack of information among the public, its use is being done only in name in the district. Giving information, the Executive Engineer of Unnao Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran II Division said that the toll free number will be active for 24 hours to hear the complaints related to electricity. Staff will be stationed full time to hear complaints on this. If the complaint is not resolved, action will also be taken against the employee concerned.

Only a few people in Unnao would know about it.
Waqar Ahmed, Executive Engineer, Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran II Division, Gokul Baba, Unnao, said that many complaints related to electricity supply, bills, new connections and other electricity related complaints will be heard and their solution will be done within the time limit. This facility has been made by the electricity company in view of the pending complaints to the consumers. However, only a few people in Unnao would know about it, so the power company would have to publicize this number. So that more and more users can take advantage of this facility.

Executive Engineer Waqar Ahmed.

Message will come on the number of the consumer after the disposal of the complaint
According to the information, only after making a complaint, the details of the consumer will be visible on the computer. As soon as the IVRS number is entered, the pole number, meter reading, bill, location will be visible on the system. As soon as the complaint is reported, the complaint will reach the mobile of the line staff of the area. A message for registering a complaint will come on the mobile number of the consumer. After the complaint is resolved, the lineman will inform the call center from the mobile itself. From here again the message of redressal will reach the consumer. Finally cross verification will be done from the call center over the phone for customer satisfaction. The complaint will be considered closed only after receiving the reply from the consumer.

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