Actor said- Due to grandmother, even today in the village, we are considered to be of low caste, even though I am famous, it does not matter.

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If Nawazuddin Siddiqui is to be believed, he still faces caste discrimination in his village (Budhana, Uttar Pradesh). In an interview, he was giving his opinion on the gangrape and assault on a Dalit girl in Hathras. He said that the caste system in the village is so deeply absorbed that despite his popularity in films, he is not spared.

People still feel low because of grandmother

Speaking to NDTV, Nawazuddin said, “My grandmother was from a low caste. Because of them people still do not accept us. It doesn’t matter that I am famous. It (casteism) is deeply ingrained in them. It is in their veins. They are proud of it. Sheikh Siddiqui is of an upper caste and has nothing to do with those whom he considers inferior to him. It is still there today. It is very difficult is.”

Nawaz’s reaction to Hathras incident

There is anger across the country over the death of a Dalit girl after gang rape and assault by four upper castes in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Nawaz said, “What is wrong is wrong. Our artist community is also speaking against what happened in Hathras. It is very important to speak. It is a very unfortunate incident.”

Regarding the caste system, Nawaz says, “People can say that there is no caste discrimination. But if the same people travel around, they will know a different truth.”

Nawaz was seen in the role of Dalit in the film

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was recently seen in the role of a Dalit man in director Sudhir Mishra’s film Serious Man. Released on Netflix on October 2, ‘Serious Man’ is based on Manu Joseph’s book, published by the same name.


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