Actress Krishan Pereira is in Sharjah Jail: Drugs were found in the trophy at the airport, neighbor had hatched the conspiracy after an argument over the dog, arrested from Mumbai

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Actress Krissan Pereira, who has appeared in films like Sadak 2 and Batla House, was arrested on April 1 at the airport in Sharjah, UAE. In airport checking, a trophy was found from the bag of the actress, which contained drugs. The Mumbai Crime Branch found in the investigation that the neighbors of the actress hatched this conspiracy to implicate them due to a minor argument over a dog. Both the accused have been arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch. Although the actress is still in jail due to drug smuggling charges.

Mumbai Crime Branch has arrested two accused. The first accused is Anthony Paul, who owns a bakery, while the second accused, Rajesh Bobate, is an assistant general manager of a bank.

Conspiracy revealed in investigation

Crime Branch’s Senior Inspector Deepak Sawant has told that Anthony had booked the ticket to Sharjah for Krishan. Along with this, he had also made a fake ticket to return from Sharjah in the name of Krishan to cheat.

The conspiracy was hatched after an argument over the dog

Actually Anthony’s family and actress Krishan Pereira’s family live in a building in Borivali in Mumbai itself. A few days ago, Anthony’s sister had a fight with Chrisson’s mother over a dog. Its actress’s mother also had an argument with Anthony. To avenge this minor argument, Anthony along with his friend conspired to frame Krishan.

To trap the actress, Anthony introduced his friend Rajesh as a talent consultant. Rajesh tells Krissan about an audition happening in Sharjah and convinces him to audition.

Sent to Sharjah with drugs on the pretext of audition

When Krishan agreed to go to Sharjah, Rajesh gave her a trophy saying that this trophy is going to be useful in the audition for the web series. It was on Rajesh’s advice that Krishan went to Shahjah with the trophy, inside which the drug was hidden. As soon as the actress landed at Shahjah airport, it was Rajesh who trapped her at the airport.

The trophy, which was found to be drugs, was sent with Chrisson as part of the plot.

The trophy, which was found to be drugs, was sent with Chrisson as part of the conspiracy.

These two accused have implicated many people in the drug case

Before Chris Pereira, Rajesh and Anthony have trapped about five people in this manner. Some time ago DJ Clayton Rodriguez was also caught in a similar case, where both gave him a cake, which had drugs in it.

Mumbai team will contact the Ministry of External Affairs

After the arrest of both the accused in Mumbai, now the Mumbai Crime Branch team will contact the officers of the Ministry of External Affairs to seek help and investigate the case of actress Krishan Pereira.

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