Actress on ‘Hair Whitening’: Sameera Reddy shared her photos in white hair, said – my father is worried that people will judge me

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Actress Sameera Reddy has been away from acting for a long time. But, she keeps on making her fans aware about self love, mental health, body positivity and many other issues by sharing posts on social media. Now recently Sameera has shared two of her photos on social media. His white hair is clearly visible in these photos. Along with the photos, he has also written a long note about ‘Hair Whitening’. Along with this, he has also told about the conversation he had with his father about ‘Hair Whitening’. She also told that her father is worried about why she is not hiding her white hair.

My father worries why I can’t hide my white hair
Sharing the photos, Sameera Reddy wrote in the note, “My father asked me why I am not hiding my white hair. He is worried that people will judge me. I replied – so what if people judge me Will do.. Does this mean that I am old, not beautiful and attractive?’ I told Papa that I am not bothered about these things anymore. Like I used to be and that is the beauty of being independent. I used to color my hair every 2 weeks so that no one can see a single white hair Come. Today, I take my own decisions whether I want to color or not. And when I feel like, I color.”

Confidence doesn’t have to hide behind a mask or cover
Sameera Reddy further wrote, “Papa asked me why am I changing the topic of conversation in the end? So I said why can’t I do this? I know I am not alone. Change and acceptance comes only then.” , when old ways of thinking are broken. When we are allowed to be each other. When self-confidence naturally finds its way and doesn’t have to hide behind a mask or cover. My dad understands Gone. As I understand his concern as a father. Every day we learn and we grow. And we find peace in little shifts. And it’s these small steps that take us to big places. take away.” This post of his is being liked by the fans and has become viral on social media. Let us inform that Sameera Reddy was last seen in 2013 Kannada film ‘Varadhanyaka’.

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