Adil’s reaction on the rumors of marriage with Rakhi: He was seen avoiding saying anything, said – I will tell the truth after 10-12 days

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  • Adil’s reaction amid rumors of marriage with Rakhi, He Was Seen Avoiding Saying Anything, Said – I Will Tell The Truth After 10 12 Days

22 minutes ago

Drama queen Rakhi Sawant has been making headlines ever since she shared her wedding pictures on social media. Every day a new thing is coming out about Rakhi and her marriage. Rakhi had told on social media two days ago that she and Adil Khan Durrani had married 7 months ago. Meanwhile, Rakhi’s husband Adil has given his reaction on the news of marrying Rakhi. A video of which has been shared by Rakhi Sawant on her social media. But Rakhi Sawant herself was shooting this video of Adil.

Adil will talk about marriage after ten days

In this video, Adil is saying that he does not want to react to this news, everything is fine between Rakhi and him and they are together. But they need time to talk about marriage. Adil said that I am not even calling the news of this marriage a lie, nor is it true and do not want to say anything about it now. He wants 10 days time for this, after which he will talk openly on this marriage.

Marriage is not fake, claims Rakhi’s lawyer

Meanwhile, the statement of Rakhi’s lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt has come to the fore. Falguni said that Rakhi-Adil’s marriage is not fake. They first married and then got the marriage registered. Rakhi and Adil have registered their marriage by filling the form in the Municipal Corporation. He also has a marriage certificate. The lawyer said about Adil that he might have some personal reason for which he is hesitating to speak openly.

Rakhi had made the first marriage with Ritesh

Please tell that Rakhi Sawant had first married Ritesh Raj. Both were involved in the 15th season of Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss. However, after getting evicted from the show, the two parted their ways. Meanwhile, Rakhi and Ritesh had made a lot of allegations against each other. However, after some time this process stopped.

Rakhi Sawant’s mother has brain tumor

Rakhi Sawant’s personal life is going through a lot of difficulties. When Rakhi came out of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’, she came to know that her mother is admitted in the hospital. He has got brain tumor. Its treatment is going on in a hospital in Mumbai. Rakhi informed her fans about this by doing a live session on Instagram. Rakhi was crying a lot during this entire session and was asking her fans to pray for her mother.

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