Aditya Narayan said – Only 18 thousand rupees left in the account, if you do not start work, you will have to sell your bike for survival.

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33-year-old Aditya Narayan is the son of famous singer Udit Narayan. He has also sung songs in many films like ‘Dil Bechara’ and ‘Goliyon Ki Rasleela: Ram Leela’.

  • Aditya Narayan recently announced marriage with Shweta Aggarwal
  • TV host narrated the tragedy, said – my savings have been spent in lockdown

Singer and TV host Aditya Narayan, who is going to marry his long-time girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal soon, is facing financial crisis. He recently revealed this in an interview. According to Aditya, there is only 18 thousand rupees left in his account and if he does not start work in October, then he may have to sell his goods for survival.

‘All my savings are over’

Speaking to Bollywood bubble, Aditya said- If the government advances the lockdown then people will start starving. My complete savings are over. The money that I had invested in mutual funds, I have also withdrawn completely for survival.

Nobody thought that I would not work for a year. Nobody plans like this. Unless you are a billionaire. Therefore, there is no choice. Only 18 thousand rupees are left in my account.

If I do not start work in October, I will have no money. I have to sell my bike or some other stuff. It is very difficult. Finally, you have to make some difficult decisions. When you make difficult decisions, there will be a certain group of people who will say that this decision is wrong.

Recently announced marriage

Aditya Narayan had recently announced his and Shweta Aggarwal’s wedding. He told an English news website- I met Shweta on the set of the film ‘Shapit’. At first sight, we started liking each other.

Gradually I realized that I had feelings about him. After this I started talking to him. Initially she only wanted to be friends. Because at that time we were very young and we needed to focus on career. (Read full news)


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