Administration bulldozer on Mukhtar Ansari’s Ghazal Hotel in Ghazipur, police force in large number | Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari’s administration bulldozers at Ghazal Hotel, large police force present

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On Sunday morning, the administration started an operation to destroy the illegal construction by running a bulldozer at the Ghazal Hotel of Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari in Ghazipur, UP.

  • Action taken in the presence of senior officials on Sunday morning
  • Many flaws were found in construction, SDM ordered

On Sunday morning in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh, a bulldozer of administration started running on the Ghazal Hotel of Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari. It is known that this hotel situated in Mahua Bagh area of ​​Ghazipur is named after Mukhtar Ansari’s wife and sons and is known as Mukhtar’s status. On Sunday morning, the district administration began demolishing the illegal construction of the hotel.

Earlier on Saturday evening, the District Magistrate-led Board rejected the appeal of the hotel owner. After that, the process of demolition started. Late evening, a heavy police force gathered around the hotel and demarcation was started for demolition. The illegal construction of the Ghazal Hotel building began to be demolished by Pokeland machines this morning. During this time, heavy police force and district administration were present.

Administration carrying out demolition operations.

Administration carrying out demolition operations.

Flaws were found in construction, SDM ordered demolition
It is known that on October 8, Sadar SDM Prabhas Kumar ordered the demolition of some part of the ground floor of the hotel and the whole of the upper floor. The hotel-owning side went to the High Court on SDM’s notice. The High Court had directed the petitioners to appeal before the DM. Which was canceled last evening.

Bulldozer fired at Ghazal Hotel

Bulldozer fired at Ghazal Hotel

Crowd of people started to see demolition

Hundreds of people gathered to see the demolition action on the hotel, which the police removed after the trouble. ADM Rajesh Singh, ADM Sushil Kumar Srivastava, SDM Sadar Prabhash Kumar, SDM Sevrai Ramesh Maurya, SP City Gopinath Soni, CO City Ojaswi Chawla, City Kotwal Vimal Mishra were in force since late night. Mahua Bagh and Mishra Bazaar were sealed from all sides, no one is allowed to go.

On June 25, the SDM had measured the land

It is worth mentioning that on June 25, Sadar SDM Prabhas Kumar had measured the land of Ghazal Hotel. All irregularities were found in it. The hotel map has also been canceled by the SDM. At the same time, the investigation of the land of the hotel found all the irregularities in its purchase and sale. An FIR has been lodged against the 12 including Mukhtar’s wife and two sons in the illegal construction and registry of Ghazal Hotel.


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