Advertisements and controversies: From Akshay Kumar to Shah Rukh Khan-Yami Gautam, when Bollywood stars got into trouble due to commercials

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Recently, Akshay Kumar got into trouble by advertising a tobacco brand. He also apologized for this but social media users did not stop trolling him even after the apology.

By the way, this is not the first time, many actors have had to face problems for advertising even before this. Big stars like Saif Ali Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan are also included in this list.

Saif, who promoted pan masala

The name of Saif Ali Khan is included in the celebs promoting pan masala. The Delhi government had written a letter to Saif in 2015 urging him to stop promoting pan masala, although it is not known how Saif responded to this request.

Yami was trapped after advertising fairness cream

Yami Gautam was also in trouble by advertising a fairness cream. The company and Yami were accused of promoting fairness, after which the company had to change the name of its product. After changing the name of the product, Yami is still seen endorsing this brand.

Shahrukh Khan also criticized

Shahrukh was also embroiled in controversy by promoting men’s fairness cream, after which he clarified, saying, some of my friends had lynched me but let me tell that we are not fairness cream in the advertisement but skin for men. Talking about care cream.

Aishwarya was also opposed

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was also in trouble due to the advertisement of the jewelery brand. It was shown in the advertisement that Aishwarya is sitting in the style of a queen wearing brand jewelery and a young man, who is dark, is standing near her with an umbrella. After much protest, this ad had to be withdrawn.

Sana Khan seen in underwear advertisement

Sana Khan was seen in the advertisement of men’s underwear. This advertisement was strongly opposed by the people, after which the ad was removed. Actually, this ad was termed obscene.

Madhu Sapre – Milind Soman’s advertisement created a stir

In 1995, the advertisement of model Madhu Spray and Milind Soman also came into the limelight. Both had created a ruckus by posing nude in a shoe advertisement. This ad too had to be withdrawn after protests.

Ranveer Singh also came under attack

Ranveer Singh was also embroiled in controversies due to the advertisement of the apparel brand. In the advertisement, Ranveer was accused of using the woman as an object. In the advertisement, a girl is thrown and Ranveer catches her and lifts her on his shoulder.

Pierce Brosnan was seen promoting pan masala

Fans were very angry after seeing Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan promoting pan masala. Fans objected as to why the actors were selling cancer-causing substances. However, Brosnan later said that the company was duped and he was made to promote pan masala as a mouth freshener.

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