Advice or advise?

Get set for some sage counsel.

Probably, all of us have received a great deal of advice. ‘Advice’ is what people tell us we should do in a particular situation. Advice comes from parents, teachers, friends, shopkeepers… just about anyone. Adults are fond of giving advice. When do we use ‘advise’ then?

Just think of ‘advice’ as a thing you give or receive. Like a book or a toy.

The coach gave the cricketer some advice.

Think of ‘advise’ as an action or doing something.

“The coach advised the cricketer”

That means we don’t have words like ‘advicing’ and ‘adviced’. You have to use ‘advised’ and ‘advising.’

Let’s follow a discussion in Vivek’s house. Vivek is just back from school and his mother is preparing some snacks for him.

“Mummy, the principal gave us some advice.”

“What’s the advice he gave you?”

“He advised us that we should respect our parents.”

“That’s good advice…”

“Mummy, can I give you some advice?”

You want to give me advice? What is it?”

“Here’s the advice Mummy: Don’t add sugar to the sambar.”

“ I never add sugar to the sambar!”

“I’m advising you to not do it in the future.”

“If you don’t stop acting smart, I have to advise you that you won’t be getting any of these cutlets.”

“Sorry Mummy, I’ll take back my advice.”

I hope the discussion has helped you understand advice and advise better.

Now, let’s see the difference in pronunciation. The ‘ice’ in advice is pronounced like ‘ice’ in ice cream. The ‘ise’ in advise is pronounced like ‘ize’ in prize.

Finally, a word of advice. Generally, get advice only from people who really care for you.


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  • March 28, 2021 at 3:19 am

    I have never seen this view !


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