After 7 years, Vishayam 2: Why heavy weight actors dominate the South? In response Mohanlal said – There is more performance than personality is seen.

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6 minutes agoAuthor: Jyoti Sharma

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Mohanlal and director-producer Jeetu Joseph, known as the complete actor, was a super hit film. Which was later produced in many languages. After a long wait, Part 2 of ‘Drishyam’ is ready. On 19 February 2021, the film ‘Drishyam 2’ has been released on Amazon Prime Video. The director of the film explained why it took so long to finalize the script. Also, actor Mohan Lal had a special conversation about the film and his career. Excerpts from conversation with Mohanlal

Q- Was this film shot during the Corona era, were you scared of it?
A-Yes! Life risk was high, but someone had to start. The entertainment industry had to be back on track and it was a big challenge for me. All on the set followed Kovid’s guidelines. Fear is still there, but it is good not to show fear sometimes. It is only after completing the shooting of ‘Drishyam 2’ that I started shooting for the second film. All of Kovid’s protocols were followed on the set. Risk is still there, but it is also important to work.

Q- So far all the films are in theaters and the fans have also celebrated the film and that reaction and celebration has reached you but now what is the first film coming on OTT, what would you like to say and how much will miss the reactions of the fans The
A-‘Drisham 2’ is not like other films. It is an emotional and family film. My other films which have appeared have a different presentation. I think people will enjoy this film on the small screen. After 4 months, it will also be coming to the movie theater. So they will get a chance to watch the film once more and then they can show their love as they want.

Q- When you reached the set, did you have some memories of the time of ‘Drishyam’?
A-Bean furniture, bean family, bean painting, bean house it seemed that I was at home and many memories of that time were relived.

Q-China has made the film in its version with the title of ‘Drishyam’ Have you seen it and how much pride is there when other countries make films on it with your films?
A-There is a very beautiful feeling and the subject is very good. The whole story is about the family and how a father wants to save his family and this is the universal subject of the film. He has made his own way and changed the climax. Among the films made in China, this is a big hit film Under 21. Due to the changes he has made and the changes he has made in ‘Vishayam’, he can no longer make ‘Vishayam 2’ because in the Chinese version, Georgikutty surrenders himself to the policemen. Also, it may happen that they make some kind of change in ‘Vishayam 2’.

Q-43 years, you have been in this industry, how much change have you seen in yourself and also in South Industry?
A-I don’t know how to tell my long journeys in a line, but new changes keep coming in every moment. I have grown as an actor. Talking about the film industry, there have been many changes in the way films are made. Now films are being made in many angles and many dimensions have also changed. This is a very big industry for films and if seen for technics, there are many great changes in this industry.

Q- Heavy body actors are accepted in South Industry but in Bollywood, why not?
A-I do not know! What should I answer this question? But when I talk about South, the audience likes the performance of the actors. Instead of whether they are fat or fit because it has been going on since the Golden Era. This is a culture we can say like this. However, this is changing over time because the actors of today are concious about their diet and fitness. Change is coming in South industry as well but I cannot compare it because I do not know the reason behind it.

Why did the film take seven years to make?

Director-producer of the film Jeetu Joseph told, ‘I thought to make a sequel of this film in 2015. But before that I did not think that a sequel to this film could be made. When I told my family that I was going to write the story of ‘Drishyam 2’, they told me that you have made a good film, now do not spoil it by making a sequel. In this I told Antony and Mohanlal that I am writing the story of ‘Drishyam 2’. When I wrote the script, I was the first to show my family who stopped me first. When he read the final draft, after that Daddy you must make this film, this is a wonderful story. After that I sent the script to Mohanlal and then everyone liked to ask whom I sent. After that I got the strength that this film should be made, it is a good film.


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