After failing re-checking the NEET UG examination, the topper of ST category came out? NTA calls this news fake

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  • Fact Check: After Rechecking Of The Answer Sheet. NEET UG 2020 Fail Candidates Turns Out To Be The Topper Of The ST Category? NTA Calls This News Fake

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What is going viral: On social media Claim It is being done that a candidate named Mridul Rawat who failed the NEET examination applied for re-checking. So the candidate was the topper of ST category. It is claimed that the first candidate got 329 out of 720. After this, he challenged the result on the basis of OMR sheet and ‘Answer Key’, then 650 marks out of 720.

And what is the truth?

  • On searching the word related to the claim, it was found that on some news websites along with social media, it was accepted as true news Has been published.
  • Most of the news related to this claim, which topped the revision of failed candidate in NEET examination, refers to the conversation of the candidate from Hindustan Times newspaper. But, of Hindustan Times Website But we did not get any such news.
  • To verify the claim, we checked the website of the National Testing Agency (NTA), which conducted the examination. NTA has given a separate claim that the claims of the candidates who topped the ST category are fake Statement Is released.
  • According to Dr. Vinit Joshi, Director General of the National Testing Agency, the news is completely fake, fabricated and unilateral. In this case the NTA will also lodge a complaint with the cyber cell.


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