After losing to Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL, Punjab captain Lokesh Rahul said – Mayank was in trouble due to early run out

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Mayank Agarwal of Punjab was run out in the over of Hyderabad fast bowler Khalil Ahmed. Hyderabad defeated Punjab by 69 runs in this match.

  • Mayank Agarwal was run out for 9, Punjab’s team could only manage 132 runs in response to Hyderabad’s 202 runs.
  • Beyersto and Warner shared a 160-run first wicket partnership, Beyersto scored 97 off 55 balls and Warner scored 52 off 40 balls.

In the IPL, there was a match between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad on Thursday. In this match, Hyderabad defeated Punjab by 69 runs. Hyderabad gave a target of 202 runs to Punjab. In response, Punjab’s team could only manage 132 runs in 16.5 overs, losing all wickets. This was the fifth defeat in the league of Punjab and the fourth consecutive defeat.

After the defeat, Kings XI Punjab captain Rahul said – Mayank’s early run out chasing such a big target put the team in trouble. The Kings XI fell 2 wickets in five overs to beat the target. Mayank Agarwal was run out after scoring 9 runs. He was run out while taking a run with captain Rahul. While Prabhasimran Singh was out for 11 runs. Rahul himself was also able to score 11 runs.

Falling wickets in the power play made the team in trouble

Rahul said- When you lose wickets in the power play, it becomes very difficult and they too when you are playing with only 6 batsmen. Mayank’s run out was not a good start for the team. This match is one of those days when you hit the air and the ball goes into the hands of the fielder.

Punjab took 6 wickets of Hyderabad in the last five overs.

Kings XI took Hyderabad’s 6 wickets for 41 runs in the final 5 overs. Leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi took 3 wickets for Hyderabad for 29 runs. Rahul praised his bowlers and said – Our bowlers were seen struggling in the last five matches. But the bowlers did well in this match. He was expected to score 230 runs seeing the start of Hyderabad.

It is fun to watch Puran’s batting

The captain of Kings XI also praised Niklas Puran (77 runs off 37 balls) and bowler Ravi Bishnoi. He said- It is fun to watch Puran’s batting. Whenever he gets a chance, he does better. This is a good thing for us. We knew he would do better.

Ravi Bishnoi enjoyed his bowling

Bishnoi bowled without getting scared. It doesn’t matter to him whether he is bowling in the power play or in the final overs. He enjoyed his bowling. All the players in the team are talented and professional, they understand the problems.

Nervous in partnership with Beyerstow and Warner

Rahul said- When Johnny Beyersto and David Warner were scoring, I was a little nervous. It was nice seeing Nicholas move. A 160-run partnership for the first wicket was formed between Beyersto and Warner. Byersto scored 97 off 55 balls and Warner scored 52 off 40 balls.

Warner praised Rakhid Khan and Beyerstow

Hyderabad Sunrisers captain David Warner praised Rashid Khan and England batsman Beyerstow. Warner said- I don’t know why people think in the end that two countries (England and Australia) hate each other. Both me and Byersto were enjoying the game. In the power play, I was giving him strikes and he was scoring runs. David Warner is an Australian cricketer, while Beyersto is from England. Warner also praised bowler Rashid Khan. Rashid took 3 wickets for 12 runs in 4 overs. Warner said – Rashid is a world class bowler. He bowls well under pressure.

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