After Sushmita, now David Dhawan’s angioplasty surgery: treated at HN Reliance Hospital, family taking care together

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Varun Dhawan’s father and filmmaker David Dhawan recently underwent angioplasty surgery. It is being said that he was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai, where the surgery was performed a few weeks back.

David Dhawan’s surgery took a few weeks
According to a report in The Times of India, David Dhawan underwent surgery at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai, where a stent was placed in his heart. After surgery, these days David is following the rules given by the doctor. However, so far nothing has been said in this matter from the Dhawan family.

According to media reports, a source associated with David’s family said- ‘Mrs Lali Dhawan, Varun and Rohit were very worried about David’s heart problem, but now everything is fine.’

When and why is angioplasty done?
After Sushmita Sen’s angioplasty surgery, people want to know about it. Actually, angioplasty is a surgical procedure. In this, the blood vessel that supplies blood to the muscles of the heart is opened. These blood vessels are called coronary arteries. Doctors take the help of angioplasty for treatment after a heart attack or stroke.
When a heart attack occurs, the coronary artery gets blocked, due to which the blood supply to the heart muscles decreases and the right amount of oxygen is not available. This causes chest pain or heart attack. X-ray is done to find out the blockage, after which stent is inserted through surgery, so that the blockage does not happen again.

Sushmita and Shilpa Shetty’s mother Sunanda has also undergone surgery
This is the third case of angioplasty among B-town celebs in the past few days. Earlier, Sushmita Sen and mother Sunanda Shetty have also undergone angioplasty. Both were treated at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai.

David was admitted in June 2022
In June last year, David Dhawan was admitted to the hospital for 7 days. David’s sudden health deteriorated due to diabetes, at that time Varun was promoting his upcoming film Jug Jug Jio. As soon as he got the news of his father being admitted to the hospital, Varun left the promotion in between and came to him.

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