After the death of the elderly, the ruckus of the family, the daughter accused – oxygen was not left stuttering | After the death of the elderly, the ruckus of the family, the daughter charged – oxygen was not left stuttering

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Daughter Anita accused the father of negligence over the death of the father and created a ruckus.

  • Rajnath Gaur, a resident of Jaunpur, had relatives brought yesterday
  • Saline bottle mounted on stretcher at BHU yesterday

Corona infections are spreading rapidly in the district. In the report on Saturday morning, 858 people have been found newly infected. In the same BHU, a case of negligence has come to the fore. There are allegations of family members (ICU) that 63-year old Rajnath Gaur died due to lack of beds and oxygen. The staff of BHU kept on saying that they would get a call from the higher authority. After death in the morning, daughter Anita Gaur continued to create a ruckus for a long time, and after being exhausted, Rohania returned to her village with her dead body.

If oxygen was available at the right time, life would have survived

The deceased’s daughter Anita said that the father-in-law was a diabetic patient. Yesterday, when he had a problem of oxygen, he was admitted from Jaunpur to the Military Hospital in Varanasi. The report was negative in the Kovid test. When the situation started deteriorating at night, we brought him to BHU. There are no previously stated beds. When asked for oxygen, a bottle of sline was placed on the stretcher. The bottle was taken in hand due to the absence of a stand. When the health worsened, BHU staff started asking the Higher Authority (ICU) to call for oxygen.

The video of Anita screaming went viral.

The video of Anita screaming went viral.

Even after traveling to many hospitals overnight, no place was found

Anita said that at night, many people visited the hospital with my father. no avail. In the morning we lost and went to BHU again. There was no hearing there either. He died. My brother Umesh Gaur is in Chandigarh Air Force. He was not even listened to. After talking to MS Dr SK Mathur several times on the whole matter, an attempt was made to know his side, his phone did not pick up.

A few days ago, the student also did not get ventilator

Student Abhay Jaiswal, Senior Research Fellow of BHU Institute of Physics died on April 14 after not getting ventilator. Younger sister Amrita told that I am also doing research from BHU History Department. Both parents have already died. Brother used to watch the family. We have two sisters. On coming positive, we went to BHU Kovid Hospital with Abhay. Was refused to admit there. Without ICU and ventilator, he had difficulty in taking his mother-in-law and he died.

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