Agencies engaged in investigation of the role of arrested present Imam, translation of objectionable literature started. Nupur Sharma Controversial statement Case Updates: Interrogation of Imam arrested in Atala ruckus of Prayagraj begins agencies

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An inquiry has been initiated into the role of Atala Masjid’s present Imam Ali Ahmed. The police interrogated him for several hours.

In the violence case in Atala of Prayagraj, there is a preparation to run bulldozers at the homes of some more accused soon. Illegal constructions of 40 accused have been identified.

On the other hand, investigation has started into the involvement of the arrested Imam Ali Ahmed of the Atala Masjid. Investigating agencies have interrogated for several hours. Along with this, the Ardu found at Javed Ahmed Pump’s house and the objectionable literature found in Arabic are also being translated.

Javed's house in Kareli was demolished by the PDA.

Javed’s house in Kareli was demolished by the PDA.

The present imam is accused of conspiring in the Atala uproar

Ali Ahmed alias Ahmed Ali, the present Imam of Atala Masjid, is accused of conspiracy to create a ruckus. Police have identified them from the CCTV footage. On Sunday, 24 other accused, including Ali Ahmed, were arrested by the police. The police have so far arrested 92 miscreants. Four of them are minors.

According to police sources, it has been found in the investigation so far that social worker Javed Pump had hatched a conspiracy to protest on June 10 by forming a WhatsApp group in Kareli. On the day of the riots, ADG Prem Prakash had given a statement that the present Imam Ali Ahmed of Atala Masjid had cheated the police. In the meeting with the police, he claimed to have appealed for peace, while the present Imam Ali Ahmed was fully aware of the plot of the riots. He and Javed Ahmed Pump, who attended the police meeting, had claimed that nothing would happen. Everything will be calm. Correct information was hidden from the police.

Translation of literature found at home started

The investigating agencies have started investigating the literature found at the house of Javed Ahmed alias Pump. The literature found in Urdu and Arabic languages ​​is being translated. The intention of the police behind this is that he used to read Javed’s thinking, his thoughts and thoughts about Muslims and other religions, what kind of writers he used to read. What kind of literature did he like, whether he had any connection with the writers and thinkers of Pakistan, etc. An investigation has been started on the points. Investigating agencies are still looking at whether there is any direct connection with Pakistan and China. Posters, flags, books and some objectionable literature were found at Javed Pump’s house during the demolition of Javed Pump’s house in Gausnagar area of ​​Kareli on Sunday. Apart from this, two illegal arms were also recovered.

Big question, why the house Parveen’s name and notice to Javed?

Atala Bawal mastermind Javed Mohammad’s luxurious building worth five crores was demolished by the Yogi government with a bulldozer. Now a new controversy is being created on social media. Social activist Seema Azad has questioned the notice issued by Prayagraj Development Authority. Seema has questioned the action of the PDA by sharing the receipt and house tax notice of the water department at the address 39/C/2A/1 Kareli on social media. Seema Azad has also accused the PDA of issuing notices in back date. On this the officials of Prayagraj Development Authority say that this matter was not of name but of illegal construction, hence the house has been demolished.

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