Agra Taj Maha Weather Updates; Heavy Rain, Hailstorm In Aligarh, Noida Including 24 Uttar Pradesh Districts | This year for the first time this morning, the Taj Mahal covered with fog, the tourists came in despair

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Agra3 hours ago

This photo is from Agra. The Taj Mahal could not be seen due to thick fog sheeting on Tuesday morning.

  • Today, visibility in Agra was very low due to fog
  • Tourists took photos but got disappointed due to blurring

There is a sudden change in the weather of Uttar Pradesh after Diwali. Where rain fell in some places like Aligarh, Noida with rain in 24 districts of the state from Sunday night to Monday afternoon. At the same time, a thick fog sheet took over the entire atmosphere in Tajanagri Agra on Tuesday morning. In such a situation, the Taj Mahal was not seen. Tourists could not comfortably visit the Taj Mahal in the morning due to fog. This caused him to feel discouraged. Vehicles were crawling on the road. At the same time, railway traffic has also been affected.

Fog disappeared due to clean air
With the weather chilling in Tajanagri Agra after the rain on Sunday night, the pollution level also decreased, but with the onset of winter, the fog for the first time today found the Taj Mahal missing. Hundreds of tourists who had come to expect the Taj with the redness of the sunrise in the pink winter had to face disappointment. A thick sheet of fog kept the Taj Mahal in its limelight till noon. Later in the afternoon, the sun shone and the fog ended. But in the evening, a slight mist started covering the sky.

AQI reached 312, temperature also dropped

On 9 November, the AQI level was raised to 400 in Agra. Tajnagri came first in the count of the country’s most polluted cities. But after Sunday’s rain, the pollution level on Monday decreased to 148 AQI. Today, Agra recorded a maximum temperature of 16.4 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, PM10 level was 285 and PM 2.5 level was 135. Today was AQI 312. Due to less pollution in the air, people have breathed peace.

The effect of fog showing on the road.

The effect of fog showing on the road.

Corona era restrictions are frustrating tourists
Around two lakh tourists visit the Taj Mahal every five days on Diwali, but this time the restrictions imposed due to the Corona virus infection period are becoming overwhelming. Only 5 thousand tickets are being sold in a day. In such a situation, all the tourists have to return in despair. All tickets were booked only after 1.30 pm on Sunday. In Ace, tourists went to the Dussehra Ghat and Mahtab Bagh with the family and saw the Taj Mahal from afar.


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