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AI Could Help People Stop Working For 5 Days In A Week: Here’s How It Could Happen – News18

AI Could Help People Stop Working For 5 Days In A Week: Here’s How It Could Happen – News18

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AI avatars could help people reduce their time spent in meetings, says Zoom

AI has become a major threat to jobs as tech companies increase their focus on the technology but AI could actually help many as well.

AI is going to take away many jobs and even become a big threat to humans very soon. But it’s not all doom and gloom with the technology as it could actually help millions from working too hard. Zoom is one of the many applications that is moving into the AI era and the platform believes that AI could be the answer for people to work less than 5 days in a week.

Zoom is planning for AI avatars that can replace employees in meetings and allow them to focus on more productive work operations. The company’s CEO Eric Yuan was quoted recently in an interview talking about its upcoming AI tech that could make four-day work week very much a reality.

AI Avatars For Your Meetings: Will It Work?

So, what does Zoom mean that AI can reduce your workload to four days a week? Yuan pointed out that people often have to attend 4 to 6 meetings in a day which might not be needed all the time. He feels that having AI avatars to do this job will allow people to manage their overall work schedule to four days in a week. He says, Zoom will leverage its existing phone, chat, and messaging tools with AI and ease people’s lifestyle choices with a better balance on offer.

Without exactly giving us a timeframe for these AI avatars to make their mark, Yuan pointed out that a digital twin scenario is getting closer than ever. However, he highlighted that all the major tech platforms need their own Large Language Model (LLM) or AI models to benefit from these transitions to AI for basic and complex tasks. He even cited instances where the AI avatar can be tuned to parameters that are relevant for a meeting. “For that meeting I say, ‘Hey, tune that parameter to have better negotiation skills, send that version, and join,” Yuan was quoted saying.

The whole four-day work week has been contemplated in many countries, including India recently. However, the prospect of a shorter work week comes with the heavier load of more hours put in by the employees to compensate for the longer break in a week.

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