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AI Imagines How Popular Indian Cricketers Would Look Like in 1950s, Mind-boggling Video Goes Viral – News18

Curated By: Purvi Khemani

Last Updated: October 02, 2023, 13:02 IST

AI Imagines How Popular Indian Cricketers Would Look Like in 1950s, Mind-boggling Video Goes Viral (Photo Credits: Reddit/@anshuwuman)

AI artist imagines how Indian cricketers would look like in 1950s. Fascinating video goes viral on Reddit.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a significant impact on social media, capturing the attention of users with its remarkable creative capabilities. Time and again, it has astounded the internet by enabling the expression of ideas and stories through illustrations, bringing imaginative visualizations to life. This powerful tool has even been used to craft portraits, and recently, it was used to envision popular Indian cricketers from a bygone era, the 1950s. This unexpected flashback has taken the online community by storm, going viral on Reddit and leaving everyone fascinated.

Posted on the subreddit โ€˜IndianArtAIโ€™ by Redditor @anshuwuman, the video portrays the cricketers in an authentic black-and-white style. It commences with Kohli sporting a clean look with a French beard and slicked-back hair, followed by Rohit Sharma exuding his captain-like aura in a coat. Mahendra Singh Dhoni appears almost unrecognizable, and Hardik Pandya bears a striking resemblance to former American President Barack Obama.

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Even Shubman Gill appears radically transformed. The video concludes with Jasprit Bumrah, KL Rahul, and Ravindra Jadeja sporting rather unconventional looks.

Take a Look:

Soon, the video quickly went viral, sparking a flurry of comments from intrigued viewers. Many were left pondering who these cricketers now resembled, adding an element of mystery to the spectacle. One user remarked, โ€œIs third one MSD ? Btw kl Rahul was the best among them,โ€ while another speculated, โ€œVirat Kohli looks like Siddharth Nigam and KL Rahul looks like Bhuvan Bam,โ€ commented another. โ€œRohit and Shubhman look damn cool.โ€ A third user simply praised the cool appearances of Rohit and Shubhman.

Interestingly, this isnโ€™t the first time AI has made waves with its imaginative renderings of Indian cricketers. Previously, AI-generated images of these famous players as toddlers went viral across social media platforms. These digital creations featured baby versions of the cricketers, complete with some still sporting their signature beards and mustaches. From Kohli to Dhoni, all the cricketing stars were part of this viral thread, bearing the caption, โ€œIndian Cricketers Toddler AI-Generated.โ€

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It seems that AI artists have a special affinity for cricketers, donโ€™t you agree?

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