AIIMS director raises questions on Jaleti’s claim of curing black fungus using jalneti | AIIMS director raises questions on Jaleti’s claim of curing black fungus

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Allopathy experts have questioned the claim of curing a patient of Mucormycosis with the help of Jaleti in Government Ayurvedic College, Lucknow. Big English doctors have denied it outright and said that it is impossible. All India Medical Sciences based in Rae Bareli The director of the institute also refused to accept it. According to him, it can be treated only with anti fungal drug or surgery. If not in time, it will prove to be life-threatening.

According to Dr. Sanjeev Rastogi of the Government Ayurveda College, the Government Ayurvedic College located in Tudiaganj, Lucknow, had claimed successful treatment of the patient suffering from black fungus. Had reached the college. The patient has been in the grip of diabetes for almost 12 years. In the apprehension of black fungus, the patient got MRI examination done.

The investigation confirmed the fungus. Then the family members took the patient to the Ayurvedic College for Kaya Medical Department. And the treatment was started from Jaleti itself. They were asked to do Jaleti with lukewarm salt water twice a day. During this, the family members took the patient. Was also shown in ENT department of KGMU.

Here the doctor gave the date of the operation after four days. It is claimed that on the advice of ayurvedic doctor Dr. Sanjeev, after doing Jalneti, the patient’s nose, swelling and headache completely ended in three days. Sanjeev claims that the patient’s nose was examined again. In which the fungus was not found. Now it has been sent as a case study for publication in the International General. However, all these claims have been questioned by the doctors of medical science. The same Ayurvedic doctors termed it a great success. According to them, now It has been proved that successful treatment of black fungus is possible even in Ayurveda.

Medical science experts are raising questions –

According to Dr. Arvind Rajvanshi, Director, AIIMS, Rae Bareli, it is unlikely that the treatment of mucormycosis is possible without surgery or without the use of antifungal drugs. In mucormycosis, the fungus penetrates inside the blood cells, so surgery is needed in most of the cases.

Dr. Rajvanshi says that he does not know much about burns, but it is not possible to treat it through drops in the eyes and nose. This is the reason why it is relieved by toxic anti-fungal drugs like amphoterine. Terming it beyond measure, the patients of black fungus should be immediately treated under the supervision of a medical doctor.

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