Airport sets up warehouse for COVID relief items

Flights from across countries brought in 5.5K oxygen concentrators, among other things

The Delhi airport on Monday said it has set up a 3,500 sq metre-dedicated warehouse for interim storage and distribution of COVID-19 relief materials being flown into the Capital from across the world.

The airport said over the past five days, it has handled around 25 COVID relief flights totalling around 300 tonnes cargo, originating from the U.S., the U.K., the UAE, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Germany, Qatar, Hong Kong and China.

The warehouse called โ€œJeevodayโ€ stores the materials received after Customs clearance, where they are sorted and further distributed to other parts of the country, the airport informed.

It added that the flights brought in over 5,500 oxygen concentrators, approx. 3,200 oxygen cylinders, over 9,28,000 masks and 1,36,000 Remdesivir injections among other material.

โ€œThe Delhi airport has also ensured that priority in landing is given to flights carrying COVID relief aid, and such aircrafts get parking at cargo bays near the cargo terminals, just like the aircraft bringing vaccine consignments are handled on priority, to make sure that consignments are processed and cleared in least possible time after landing,โ€ the airport said.


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