Aishwarya Sharma evicted from BB-17: Vicky's statement on raising hand on Ankita, said- fights keep happening between husband and wife

23 minutes agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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The reality show 'Bigg Boss 17' is making a lot of headlines these days. Recently, Aishwarya Sharma was eliminated in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of the reality show. Let us tell you, this week, four contestants in Spotlight – Neil Bhatt, Anurag Doval, Aishwarya Sharma and Ankita Lokhande were nominated for eviction.

As soon as she came out of the show, Aishwarya Sharma talked to Dainik Bhaskar where she called Isha a cheater and called Ankita Lokhande a cheater. Some highlights of the conversation:

What was your first reaction on hearing your name in the eviction round?

What happened to me was completely wrong. Isha expressed her personal grudge against me. He took revenge on me selectively. Isha expelled me for her own benefit. I was a strong competition for him. Apparently one of his competitions got eliminated. The journey became easy for him.

Why could you not reach the last round?

I also thought that I would go till the last stage of the show but perhaps some mistakes were made. Now mistakes are also made by humans, right? In fact, I think I was making mistakes right from the beginning. I could not understand what was happening in this house.

Before this, I had seen this show once and that too just for entertainment. Gradually, when I started to understand and started speeding up my tasks, people still felt that I was not doing anything. Now what can anyone do about this?

What effect will your coming out have on your husband Neil?

To be honest, Neil has taken care of me more than me. Yes, being a wife I also gave him emotional support. But now when I suddenly came out, Neil was obviously shocked. As soon as my name was announced for eviction, I immediately left the house.

I was cheated which made me very sad. I could not keep myself there for long. Neil is playing very honestly, I would like people to support him.

How was your relationship with Ankita?

Ankita is really a big cheater. She is playing the game according to herself, otherwise everything goes wrong here. Perhaps my voice is louder than theirs, I have my own stand which is not theirs at all. People saw my dominance but not his. Now whatever has happened is done, what to do?

Did Vicky really raise his hand on Ankita?

Believe me, I really don't know what happened at that time. I don't want to comment on the husband-wife relationship because people are also commenting a lot on the relationship between me and Neil. Now I cannot answer everyone as to how correct our equation is.

Now people's job is to comment that 'Hey, he raised his hand, shouted etc.' However, I believe that fights do happen between husband and wife. Yes, I saw the clip and what Vicky did was wrong.

What would Isha like to say about Abhishek and Samarth's game?

Isha, Abhishek and Samarth are stuck among themselves, lost. I think Isha is stuck between these two. Whereas Samarth has no game, Abhishek is still playing well.

How much truth is there in the relationship between Munavvar and Ayesha Khan?

Both Munawwar and Ayesha themselves do not know what is going on between them. On one hand both of them say that everything is over and on the other hand both of them also spend time together. Munawwar never leaves a single opportunity to impress Ayesha. Well, Munawwar is getting the fruits of his actions.

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