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Ajay Devgan will be the owner of 250 theaters in a few years: Friends used to make fun of his looks, he is the only actor to give hits every year for 33 years.

Ajay Devgan will be the owner of 250 theaters in a few years: Friends used to make fun of his looks, he is the only actor to give hits every year for 33 years.

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Ajay Devgan has turned 55 today. Ajay Devgan, with dark complexion and heavy voice, is the son of stunt director Veeru Devgan. When Ajay, once famous in college for hooliganism, told his friends that he would become a hero, the friends laughed mockingly and asked with surprise – Will you become a hero? Today, Ajay Devgan is among the most successful actors of Bollywood.

Be it Shahrukh, Salman or Aamir, every star of the 90s gave flop films or took a break in one year or the other, but Ajay is the only actor who has never taken a break in 33 years after his debut with the 1991 film Phool Aur Kaante. Lia spent a year without giving a hit. Apart from 122 films, Ajay is also in the news for his futuristic approach related to cinema.

He is one of the first actors to start a production house. Ajay is the first actor in India who started a VFX studio. Now Ajay also owns the theater chain NY Cinema. With an investment of Rs 600 crore, Ajay currently owns 65 plus theaters and in the coming years, he is going to expand this business to become the owner of 250 screens across the country.

Today, on the special occasion of his birthday, know the interesting story of Ajay Devgan's futuristic ventures and his entry into films-

Ajay went to jail twice for bullying

During college days, there used to be Ajay's gang, due to which all the students were afraid. Ajay himself was a goon, who mostly used to roam around in vehicles with his friends and perform dangerous stunts. He has also gone to jail twice for misbehavior. Ajay and his gang used to have dominance in the college, due to which they used to beat people a lot.

Once Ajay Devgan went out for a walk with his friends in his white jeep. There was a narrow lane near the Holiday Hotel in Mumbai, where Ajay parked the car. The car was in speed and suddenly the child running after the cut kite came in front of the car. Ajay immediately applied brakes and the child was saved from falling under the car.

The frightened child started crying loudly, due to which people from the neighborhood gathered there. A crowd of about 20-25 people took Ajay and his friends home and started creating ruckus. An angry Ajay also started arguing with them and a scuffle broke out. Those 20-25 people had beaten Ajay and his friends for 10 minutes. Sajid Khan was also among those beaten.

Father had come to save Ajay with 150 fighters.

In the chaos, Ajay's father was informed about this incident. As soon as he came to know, Veeru Devgan immediately came to save his son with his 150 fighters.

were famous as Nukkad Gang

In the show Yaadon Ki Baaraat, Abhishek Bachchan had told that Ajay Devgan used to have a gang. He used to gather with his gang at the street corner shop.

Ajay's loan also operated in that shop. Ajay was the leader of his gang.

Ajay was made a hero after seeing the picture hanging in the office.

Ajay Devgan's father Veeru Devgan came to Mumbai to become a hero, but he could not become a hero himself. In such a situation, he had decided that his son should become a hero when he grows up. Once director Kukku Kohli was looking for a new boy for his next film Phool Aur Kaante. Earlier he had signed Akshay Kumar for the film, but he was not satisfied with the casting.

One day Kukku went to his friend Veeru's office and started telling about the problems of casting. Then the troubled Cuckoo's eyes fell on a picture hanging on the wall, which was of Ajay Devgan. Cuckoo immediately stood up and said, now this boy will become the hero of my film.

As soon as Kukku signed Ajay in the film, the first call went to Akshay Kumar. He was told not to come now because the hero was someone else. At that time Akshay had not come into films and this was going to be his first film, but with the arrival of Ajay, this film was out of his hands. Later both were seen together in the film Suhaag.

Kukku called Ajay to office and took his audition. In the audition, Ajay spoke dialogues from Amitabh Bachchan's film Zanjeer.

Media did not pay attention during shooting

Phool Aur Kaante was shot in Mumbai. The lead actors of the film, Ajay and Madhu, both were newcomers, whom no one knew. During the shooting of the song, no one on the road was even interested in watching the shooting. Meanwhile someone spread the news that action director Veeru Devgan's son Ajay is the hero and Hema Malini's niece Madhu is the heroine.

Hema Malini was a big name in those days, so media people started chasing Madhu. Ajay was standing nearby, but no one even paid attention to him. Now Ajay himself seems to be avoiding the media and does not like to give long interviews.

Ajay-Karishma's love story started with an accident, there was a rift as soon as Kajol arrived

Starkids Ajay Devgan and Karisma Kapoor were cast together in the 1991 film Jigar. Both were friends during the shooting, but after an accident their closeness increased. Actually, for a shot, Karishma had to hug Ajay while running, but as soon as she started running, the wire got entangled in her leg.

As soon as Karishma fell, the camera crane started falling on her. Ajay saved Karishma's life by pulling her and after this both of them came close to each other. Karisma and Ajay were in a relationship, but they separated in 1995 with the arrival of Kajol.

Introvert Ajay and Jolly Kajol were bound to fall in love.

Both of them met for the first time on the sets of the film Hustle. Ajay was an introvert, whereas Kajol, who was jolly in nature, was surrounded by the crowd. When Kajol saw Ajay for the first time, she did not like him at all. Ajay used to smoke sitting alone in a corner even on the set. Ajay also considered Kajol to be arrogant.

While working together, both of them gradually became friends. At that time Ajay was dating Karishma and Kajol was also in a relationship. Kajol often used to take advice related to her love life from Ajay. Then while spending time together, both of them started liking each other. When both of them were cast together in the film Gundaraj, they got into a relationship.

Kajol's father was against marriage

Both of them got into a relationship, but the interesting thing is that neither of them proposed each other. After being in a secret relationship for 4 years, one day both of them suddenly decided to get married.

When Kajol told this to her father, he was very angry, because Kajol was only 25 years old and she was one of the top actresses. Kajol convinced her father a lot, but when he did not agree, Kajol also became adamant, father did not talk to her for 4 days.

Ajay had returned from his honeymoon midway.

At the time of marriage, Kajol had put a condition before Ajay Devgan that he would go on honeymoon for 2 months and visit many countries. Both of them left and reached Greece on the 40th day via Australia and America. As soon as he came here, Ajay's health deteriorated due to fatigue. When he had a severe headache, Kajol, while giving him medicine, asked what should I do. In response, Ajay said, I am tired, let's go back home. Kajol agreed and both of them left the honeymoon and returned.

Kajol's lost memory came back after seeing Ajay

Kajol was injured in an accident during the shooting of the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Kajol had lost her memory due to the injury. Seeing this, Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar immediately called Ajay and got him to talk. Kajol came to her senses as soon as she heard Ajay's voice, whereas before that she was not even recognizing anyone. This story was narrated by Ajay and Kajol themselves in The Kapil Sharma Show. Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar have also mentioned this story many times.

Abhishek slept on the road in Australia because of Ajay, gave him alcohol

Ajay Devgan worked in the film Major Saheb produced by Amitabh Bachchan. At that time Ajay did not know Abhishek, nor did he know that he was Amitabh Bachchan's son. One day the team had to go to Australia for shooting, but Ajay reached two days before. The budget of Amitabh's production was low, so he asked his son Abhishek to receive Ajay from the airport and take care of him, because Abhishek had just left college at that time. Abhishek was given the job of production boy, but he did not know the ins and outs of this work.

When Abhishek arrived, he hailed a cab in the chaos and took Ajay to his hotel room. Ajay was a star at that time, so he started getting all his small tasks done by Abhishek. While having lunch during the day, Ajay asked Abhishek whether he would drink alcohol, he refused saying that he does not drink. As soon as night fell, Ajay asked them to leave. He had only one room, which Ajay had taken, so he slept on the road in Australia, leaning against his bag.

Next day again during lunch, Ajay asked, will you drink alcohol? At first Abhishek refused, then after pausing for a while he said, if you don't tell anyone, I will drink it. Actually, Abhishek was upset after sleeping on the road all night and he was afraid of his father. When the team reached, Ajay came to know through other people that Abhishek is the son of Amitabh Bachchan.

When the team came, Major Saheb's song Akeli Na Bazaar Jaya Karo was shot in Australia itself. Ajay knew that Abhishek was also interested in acting. Ajay told them, listen, in the next shot you have to stand next to us and dance. Abhishek became happy and started dancing as told by Ajay. When the film was released, he came to know that he was not visible in the scene. Abhishek got angry with this prank, but later both of them became friends.

Has troubled even Amitabh Bachchan with his pranks

Ajay Devgan looks very serious in films, but in real life he is very funny. Years ago, Ajay Devgan messaged Amitabh Bachchan's manager through an app from his mobile number and asked him to come home at 6 in the morning. According to the message, the manager reached home at 6 in the morning. Amitabh was stunned as soon as he saw him. He could not understand who sent the message from his number. Then years later, Ajay Devgan had revealed this in the show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Kajol's number was distributed among fans, it was a high-tech joke

In 2018, Ajay Devgan had shared Kajol's number through his Twitter account. As soon as Kajol came to know about this, she became very angry. Later, through another tweet, Ajay told that it was a prank. The prank was also very hi-tech. Ajay had tweeted- Kajol is not in the country, to talk to her, WhatsApp on this number 9820123300. This was a special number, in which when you call, you get a message in Kajol's voice in which she says, Hi I am Kajol, I am unable to answer you, please message.

Have done more than 100 films, 3 big films are coming

Since 1991, Ajay Devgan has appeared in about 100 films. Recently his film Shaitan has been released, which is making huge collection at the box office, the film released on March 8 has collected Rs 194 crore. In the coming days, Ajay will be seen in films like Maidan, Singham Again and others.

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