Ajay in the shelter of Ayyappa Swamy: Ajay Devgan’s 41 days of hard practice for Sabarimala Darshan; dressed in black, barefoot and sleeping on the ground

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As soon as the photo of Ajay Devgan wearing black clothes, tilak on his forehead and garland around his neck went viral on social media, fans thought that it was the look of his next film, but it was Ajay’s fast to see Ayyappa Swamy. Ajay Devgan first fasted for 41 days. After this, he reached the Sabarimala temple in Kerala on Wednesday to seek blessings from Lord Ayyappa.

Those wishing to have darshan of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala have to perform rigorous rituals for the first 41 days. It is called ‘mandalam’.

Priests gave prasad and respect
There are strict rules to be followed before darshan. Ajay also wore a Tulsi garland after the worship. Ajay will be seen in black outfit for the coming days. After the puja, Ajay Devgan directly returned to work. He was spotted outside the dubbing studio where he was in the same look as Pooja. Ajay did not even wear shoes and slippers on his feet.

There are strict rules for visiting the temple
Before coming to Sabarimala, it is necessary to leave all worldly bondage and follow celibacy for 41 days. In these days, they have to wear only blue or black clothes. Tulsi garland has to be kept around the neck and one has to eat simple food only once in the whole day. Puja has to be done in the evening and one has to sleep on the ground.

On the completion of this fast, worship has to be done under the direction of a Guru Swami. During the temple visit they have to keep Irumudi on their head i.e. two bags and one bag. One contains a coconut filled with ghee and worship material and the other has food items. Taking this, they also have to circumambulate the Shabari Peeth, then they enter the temple through 18 steps.

Process of Darshan at Sabarimala Temple

  • Sabarimala temple is open for devotees only from November to January in a year. For the rest of the month it is kept closed. Now it opened on 29th December, it will be open till 14th January.
  • The person observing the fast has to first go to the Sabarimala temple only after bathing in Pampa Triveni and lighting the lamp and flowing it in the river. Devotees start climbing Pampa Triveni only after worshiping Lord Ganesha.
  • The first stop is a place named Shabri Peetham. It is believed that a Bhilani named Shabari did penance here during the Ramayana period. Shabari was liberated only after the incarnation of Sri Ayyappa.
  • Next to this comes a place named Sharanamkutty. The devotees who come for the first time pluck the arrows here. There are two ways to reach the temple. One common way and the other through 18 sacred steps. Only those who observe a strict fast for the first 41 days of visiting the temple can go to the temple through these holy steps.
  • 18 Devotees break a coconut filled with ghee near the holy steps. There is a Havan Kund near it. A piece of the coconut which is brought for Ghritabhishek is also put in this Havan Kund and a portion is taken by the people to their homes as Prasad of the Lord.
  • A famous part of the worship of the deity in the Sabarimala temple is the anointing of ghee. Ghee brought by the devotees is first collected in a special vessel, then the Lord is anointed with that ghee.

Amitabh Bachchan has also done this fast
Vivek Oberoi and Amitabh Bachchan have also taken the blessings of Lord Ayyappa at the Sabarimala temple. Big B had told in an interview that during the fast he had led a sanyasi life for 41 days. It was in 1984, when Amitabh traveled barefoot to Sabarimala. Vivek Oberoi also frequently visits Sabarimala temple and observes fast.

Bhola will be the remake of Kaithi, the film on floor
Meanwhile, Ajay’s next film South’s remake Kaithi has also come on the floor. The makers have also revealed the Hindi title of the film which is ‘Bhola’. The first schedule of Kaithi remake i.e. Bhola will be shot in Mumbai and there will be minimum units in view of Corona.

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