Ajmer Khwaja Saheb’s annual Urs: Now entry into the Dargah will be received from the pass issued after online registration in Urs

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Ajmer Dargah

  • Zairin will also have to upload the Kovid test report on the website Ursfair2021.doitajmer.in
  • Garib Nawaz’s 809th Urs will begin on 12 or 13 February 2021 when the moon is seen.

Zarine, who arrives at the annual Urs of Ajmer Khwaja Saheb, will have to submit his travel plans and other information including identity card on the Department of Science and Technology (DOIT) website. For this, the website Ursfair2021.doitajmer.in has been specially prepared, on which only those who are issued after registration will be able to enter the Zarine Dargah.

Garib Nawaz’s 809th Urs will begin on 12 or 13 February 2021 when the moon is seen. For the first time, the online registration process for Urs Mela is being started. These steps have been taken by the state government to protect against the corona virus. The link of this website is being made available to various states and districts of the country, so that there can be a strong information about it to Zarin.

System of registration at other religious places of the country

Many major religious places of the country have a system of online registration. Online booking is required for Bhasma Aarti at Mahakal Temple in Ujjain, similarly devotees make online booking for darshan of Baba Barfani Amarnath during the Amarnath Yatra, Vaishno Mata Temple in Jammu, now similar arrangements are made Ajmer’s Khwaja Saheb has been made for the Zionists to attend.

This is how you can register

By opening the link Ursfair2021.doitajmer.in, anyone can register from any region of the country to participate in Urs. If you want to come with family, then 15 members can be registered simultaneously. For registration, documents related to proof of age will have to be uploaded along with the Kovid-19 report. If coming from a private vehicle, you will also have to provide the vehicle number.

Will be issued like this

On registration, the concerned will be given a registration number, based on which the dream status can be checked online at any time. The registration will be approved by the district administration after examining the documents uploaded on behalf of Zarine. Only after this the printed pass will be issued, which will be given entry inside the dargah only on showing.

Zionists will not be gathered

There will be no mobilization of zions during the Urs. Section 144 will remain in force and not more than five people will be gathered, for this, strong arrangements will be made by the administration. During this time, the Corona Guide Line will also have to be maintained. Neither the work rest house will be opened in Urs nor any arrangements will be made by the administration. For this, arrangements are being made by the administration.


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