Akash Gupta of Barabanki hoisted the tricolor on the top of Kauri mountain | Tricolor hoisted on 12516 feet high peak of Kauri mountain, completed 4 days journey in one and a half days

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Akash Gupta, who lives in Lakhpedabagh of Barabanki district, has set a record for reaching the summit of the mountains. Akash hoisted the peak of 12,516 feet high peak of mountain Kauri in Uttarakhand in 11 degree temperature. Akash hoisted the tricolor on the peak after completing the journey of 4 days on this mountain in just one and a half days. Akash had never climbed such a height of a mountain in such a short time. Akash said that the credit for this success also goes to his gym trainer. Because his gym trainer trained him to climb the mountain and he could climb to such a height in such a short time.

dream of becoming a mountaineer

Akash Gupta, a resident of Lakhpedabagh in Barabanki district, does a gym at a gym center. Akash has always had a desire to become a mountaineer. Akash took the help of his gym trainer to fulfill this wish. The gym trainer trained him to climb the mountain and carry more weight on his shoulders during the climb. Akash took its training for several days and then completed the 4-day journey with two of his friends in just one and a half days. He climbed to the top of the 12,516 feet high mountain and unfurled the tricolor there.

4 days journey completed in two and a half days

Akash along with two of his friends started climbing from Tugasi village of Joshimath in Uttarakhand to the height of 12516 feet summit of Kauri pass summit in 11 degree temperature on New Year. This journey is usually of 4 days, but due to the dedication and hard work of Akash and his friends and the training given by the gym trainer, Akash and his friends completed this 4 day journey in just two and a half days. During this, after 1 day had passed, Akash and his friends stayed in a cave by putting a tent in the middle of the snow at the same temperature and somehow after spending the night in the morning, Akash and his friends started climbing this mountain and in just one and a half days. Reached the highest peak of this mountain and hoisted the tricolor there. After coming from there, people are praising Akash and his gym trainer.

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