Akash’s advice on Dhoni: The former cricketer said – Buy CSK Mahi with a Right to Match card in the mega auction, it will cost 15 crore. Avoid

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  • MS DHONI IPL 2021 Return Update; Former Cricketer Aakash Chopra Says Chennai Super Kings Not Retain Dhoni

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Akash Chopra has said that CSK should not retain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the next mega auction. – File Photo

Former cricketer Akash Chopra has said that Chennai Super Kings should not retain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the next mega auction. He said, if there is a mega auction for the IPL in 2021, CSK should find other talented players. If the team chooses Dhoni, they will lose Rs 15 crore. Team can withdraw Dhoni from Dhoni with Right to Match card.

Chennai Super Kings should release Dhoni

Akash Chopra said that the Chennai franchise should release Dhoni and put him back in the auction pool. He said, ‘CSK put Dhoni in the mega auction. If there is a mega auction, then you have to stay with that player for 3 years, but will Dhoni be able to play 3 years? I am not saying that you should not keep Dhoni in the team. They will definitely play the next IPL, but by retaining you will have to give them 15 crore rupees.

CSK to find the right player for 15 million rupees in mega auction

Akash Chopra said, “If Dhoni only plays the 2021 season and does not play 2022, then the franchise will get Rs 15 crore back. But the team will not be able to find the right player worth 15 crores. The advantage of mega auction is that if you have money, you can make a good team.

CSK to include Dhoni in the team with Right to Match card

Akash Chopra said, ‘If you put Dhoni in the mega auction, you can add him back to the team with the Right to Match card and you won’t have to spend too much money. With the remaining money, you will be able to buy the right player. I think it would be the right decision for the franchisees to release and buy them again.

Chennai needs mega auction most

Akash Chopra said that out of the current 8 teams, Chennai Super Kings is the only team that needs the mega auction the most. They do not currently have any players whom they can retain. If you want to make a team again, would you like to spend more money on players like Faf du Plessis and Ambati Rayudu? I don’t think the team would want to choose Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh for their new team.

What is RTM (Right to Match) card

  • There are two ways in which IPL playing teams can retain a total of 5 players. The first of these is through Direct Retaining and the second is through ‘Right to Match’ card.
  • The ‘right-to-match’ card is used during the auction. Through this, teams can buy their players which they did not retain. Suppose the Mumbai team has not retained the player, if any other team makes the highest bid for that player and buys it for Rs 2 crore, then the Mumbai team will give him the ‘right to match’. Can use the card option.
  • The second team will not be able to buy that player even after being the highest bidder and this player will again go to Mumbai.

Dhoni’s team performed poorly in the 13th season

The Chennai Super Kings performed the worst in league history in the 13th season of the IPL. The team won 6 out of 14 matches and finished 7th with 8 losing and 12 points. Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh could not join the team for personal reasons.


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