Alert after Hathras incident, barriers put up at various places Alert after Hathras incident, barriers put up at various places

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After the Hathras incident, careful arrangements have been made in Unnao by the police administration to protect the Kanwariyas and protect them from accidents. Force is deployed at various places in Unnao. In many private institutions on the National Highway, the SP is keeping an eye on the arrangements through CCTV cameras. The officials also visited the Kanwar Marg and saw the arrangements. Heavy police force has also been deployed on the police highway for the safety of the Kanwariyas.

Policemen waiting for Kanwariyas.

Barriers installed at many places

On Saturday, the police showered flowers on the Kanwariyas. Most of the Kanwarias in the district visit Shiva temples on the Lucknow-Kanpur National Road. Therefore, the police administration is taking more vigil on this route. By putting police forces at different places on these routes, message is being given to the drivers that they should be Kanwar Marg, limiting the speed of vehicles. Barriers have been installed at many places. So that the drivers cannot drive the vehicles at high speed.

Police personnel meeting Kanwariyas and showering flowers.

Police personnel meeting Kanwariyas and showering flowers.

Ambulances were also deployed

City Magistrate Winner, CO City Ashutosh Kumar inspected the security and traffic arrangements on the Kanwar roads. The officials directed the forces deployed on Kanwar Marg to make everyone aware of following the traffic rules and walking on the prescribed belt. CO City said that the QRT and mobile team of the police station are also patrolling. Fire brigade vehicles and 108 number ambulance have also been parked on the Kanwar Yatra route. TSI Arvind Pandey told that in the month of Sawan, Kanwariyas go to Barabanki from the highway via Unnao. Due to this, there is no jam situation so that diversion has been done at different places.

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