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Algerian Vlogger Sentenced To 2 Months In Jail For Hugging People On The Street – News18

Algerian Vlogger Sentenced To 2 Months In Jail For Hugging People On The Street – News18

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Mohamed Ramzi will also have to pay a fine.

Mohamed Ramzi apologised and claimed that all he had meant to do was spread peace and love through his videos.

An Algerian man named Mohamed Ramzi was recently convicted of indecent behaviour and sentenced to two months behind bars. According to reports, Ramzi’s crime was hugging random people on the street to spread peace and positivity. A 30-something vlogger from Algeria sparked criticism in his home country in the summer of 2023 by posting a TikTok video. This video is inspired by a popular European vlogger who became famous for social experiments like embracing random people on the street.

Algeria frowned upon this activity, and Ramzi’s footage evoked outrage and condemnation from the general public. The intensity of his crime was such that not even the Algerian vlogger’s apology could stop the imminent allegations against him. Ramzi apologised and claimed that he had meant to spread peace and love through his videos. Unfortunately, that didn’t appease his critics, nor the judges.

In 2023, a court found him not guilty on all charges, but his case was then referred to the Algerian Judicial Council. This happened after the prosecutors appealed the decision and he was found guilty this time.

Prosecutors charged Ramzi with indecent behaviour for his public hugging clip. He was charged with “display of indecency” for another video that featured two girls wearing short skirts. One of these girls also had a tattoo. As per the Court’s decision, the Algerian vlogger must spend two months in jail and pay a fine of 5 million dinars.

Earlier, vloggers and YouTubers have landed in soup for their content. In 2017, Delhi Police arrested a 21-year-old Youtuber known as Crazy Sumit. Sumit sparked outrage after he would kiss young women on the streets and flee, and post videos of this prank on social media. Police had said that the accused youth, identified as Sumit, is a final year BCA, student of WCTC college in Gurugram. His friend, Satyajeet Kadyan, 23, who helped him as a cameraman to record the prank, had also been arrested. Later, he was released after detention. In an interview with the IANS, Sumit’s father Lallan Singh said that the girls in Sumit’s videos were his friends and were shot with their consent.

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