Alia’s reply on lipstick comment: Bolin- Negative comments don’t matter, Alia had said- Ranbir says remove lipstick

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Recently, Alia Bhatt did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on social media. During this, he replied to his fans in a live chat on the controversy over Ranbir Kapoor’s lipstick removal remark. Aaliya said that she tries to create such an environment around her that toxic and negative comments do not bother her.

Controversy over Ranbir’s remark of removing Alia’s lipstick
Actually, Alia recently did a makeup tutorial. During this, she casually said that whenever she goes out on a date with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranbir asks her to remove her lipstick. Alia had said that Ranbir likes the natural color of her lips. On this, social media users trolled Ranbir Kapoor for controlling Alia’s freedom and her likes and dislikes.

Don’t let people’s negative talk affect you: Alia
Alia talked about dealing with toxic and negative comments in a live chat session amidst Ranbir Kapoor being trolled – If you get a remark or someone criticizes you about moving on and being better, it doesn’t hurt you. Help can be had. But, when someone says words that are meant to hurt you, they can hurt you on the only condition that you allow yourself to be affected by those words.

Aaliya further said – You should try to create such an environment around you that the negative comments of others cannot hurt you.

One should try to be happy in every situation: Alia Bhatt
Alia was asked by a fan that what do you like best about Ranbir Kapoor? Alia said- Ranbir is like my home. I live with them exactly as I am. At the same time, a user asked Alia that how does she stay so positive? So Aaliya said that it is not that nothing bad happens in their life but we should try to be happy with whatever we have.

Alia-Ranbir married in April 2022. In November this year, Alia gave birth to daughter Raha. Alia recently made her Hollywood debut with Gal Gadot in the film Heart of Stone.

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