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Alien Communication Blocked By Mysterious Earth Barrier, Claims Reddit User – News18

Alien Communication Blocked By Mysterious Earth Barrier, Claims Reddit User – News18

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Humans have wondered what aliens look like.

A new claim has been made regarding aliens, that something is stopping them from coming to Earth.

A distinctive declaration has been made about aliens on social media. It is claimed that aliens are giving signals highlighting their difficulty to reach on Earth. This is happening because of a barrier around the Earth which is ceasing them.

Apart from this, various claims are made about aliens. Some say that they keep an eye on the Earth by staying in space, while others say that they can be located on Mars. Not only this but many types of theories are also given regarding them, called conspiracy theories. It is a belief that suggests that a certain event or a situation is a result of a secret. It is also claimed on the social media platform Reddit by a user named @Blitt_Blitt99, that many aliens have told humans that there is a blockade around planet Earth that prevents them from coming here without consent.

Humans have wondered what aliens look like and whether they exist or not. Without any solid evidence, no one has been able to confirm with a hundred per cent guarantee that they exist or not or what they are. But this unique claim is being discussed a lot on the social media platform Reddit.

Reddit user @Blit_Blitt99 has posted several sources that he cited as evidence. In one of these, an Irishman who has been studying UFOs for more than 20 years says that he believes that the orbs discussed at NASA meetings are a global defence network.

Not only this, Delores Cannonโ€™s book The Custodians: Beyond Abduction is about UFO abductions and the law of one which is said to be a telepathic conversation with an alien entity. It also discovers the phenomenon of UFOs from simple to complex, discovering areas untouched by other investigators.

While many users have praised this claim and the sources cited in its support, some have described it as a barrier as well as a means of limiting humans.

Apart from this, some users also shared their unique experiences with aliens.

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