Aligarh’s Minister of State Raghuraj Pratap said, if my bus goes, I should get all madrasas closed | Aligarh’s Minister of State Raghuraj Pratap said, if my bus goes, I should get all madrasas closed

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Raghuraj Pratap Singh, Minister of State for Aligarh

The Minister of State of Aligarh has given a controversial statement. In his statement, he has said that terrorism is trained in madrassa and terrorists are prepared from here. If God ever gives him a chance, he will get all madrasas closed in the country. Because whoever comes out of the madrasa after studying becomes a terrorist and his thinking is a terrorist. Because they have to eliminate terrorism from this country, so madrasas running in the country will have to be closed. He said that he urges the Prime Minister to shut down the madrasas running in the country.

Terrorist Wani came out of AMU

Minister of State Raghuraj Pratap Singh said that only and only terrorists come out of the madrassa. Referring to terrorist Mannan Wani, who was a student of Aligarh Muslim University, he said that Mannan Wani, who studied from AMU, was a terrorist. He also came after studying from a madrasa in Jammu and Kashmir. Whichever madrassa people come out of. Therefore madrasas running in the country should be closed. After his controversial statement, his protest has started in Aligarh.

Earlier there were 250 madrasas in UP, today there are 22000

During his statement, the Minister of State said that earlier only 250 madrassas were operating in Uttar Pradesh, but as on date, 22000 madrasas are running here. Only terrorism training is being given in all of them. So all these should be stopped immediately. If power comes to him in future, he will work to shut down madrasas immediately.

President’s rule imposed in Kerala

He said that today all the terrorists and ISI agents are coming out of all madrasas. Today Islamic debate is being run in Kerala and Hindu daughters are being tortured. This is happening because there is a communist government in Kerala. Therefore, taking immediate action, the Government of India should impose President’s rule in Kerala along with shutting down these madrassas. So that terrorism can be eliminated in the country and peace system can be created.

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