All religious conference was organized, children participated in essay painting competition. All religion conference was organized; children participated in essay painting competition

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The 39th Foundation Day of International Buddhist Research Institute was celebrated in Lucknow on Tuesday. In this function held in the auditorium of the institute, an all-denominational religion conference was organized. In which the religious leaders of different sects kept their views.

Essay, painting competition was also organized for school children. Along with this, bhajan singing, drama and painting exhibition also took place. During this, Minister Jaiveer Singh was the chief guest. Along with this, President of Buddhist Institute Bhadant Shanti Mitra was also present.

Jaiveer Singh, who reached the ceremony, said that the tourism department is continuously working for the Buddhist circuit. He also said that the government is working for the upliftment of all religions. Also he said that every country gave war to the world. But only Indian culture gave Buddha.

Many school children participated enthusiastically in the painting and essay competition organized on the occasion. Everyone did the best of their skills. Alok got first, Halima second and Sonam third in the essay competition. So in painting, Sakshi got first, Swati second and Farzana third. The children were very happy after receiving the honor at the hands of Minister Jaiveer Singh.

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