Allahabad University fees increased after 100 years: Students are protesting, University claims – still less fees than other universities

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Studying in Allahabad University has become expensive now. Fees of every department have been increased in this university. According to the Vice Chancellor’s claim, the rate of increase in university fees which will increase after 100 years is 400%. Because of this there is resentment among the students. He is continuously protesting against the university administration. Recently a protesting student has also attempted self-immolation. The notification for increasing the fees in UG, PG and PHG courses in Allahabad University has been issued on 14 September 2022.

According to the PRO of the university, Prof Jaya Kapoor Chadha, the university administration has increased the fees after 100 years. Here the tuition fee was Rs 12 per annum, which has been increased to Rs 50. Earlier, the old fee was around Rs 900, which has now been increased to Rs 3600-3700.

Why did the Executive Council decide to increase the fees?

Prof Jaya Kapoor Chadha said that there is electricity cost in hostels. Electricity bills are pending in all the hostels. In view of these circumstances, the Executive Council of the University has decided to increase the fees and increase the hostel charges.

He said that this decision has not been taken in a day, but students have also been informed about it from time to time. The central government has reduced university grants and asked universities to mobilize their own resources. Because of this, this decision had to be taken.

Fee Structure in Allahabad University

Subject previous fee increased fees
BA (subject without lab) 975 Rs 3901
BA (Lab Subject) 975 rupees Rs 4115
BSc Rs 1125 Rs 4151
B.Com 975 rupees Rs 3901
MAC Rs 1861 Rs 5401
M. Com Rs 1561 4901 Rs.
LLB 1275 rupees Rs 4651
LLM Rs 1561 4901 Rs.
PhD (Lab Subject) Rs 501 15 thousand 800 rupees

University claims fees is less than other universities

The university administration claims that even after the hike, the fees of Allahabad University are less than other central universities. As per the data given below, Allahabad University’s new fees for BA course 4 thousand 115 is much less than the fees of five central universities.

BA fees figures in these 5 universities

  • Central University of South Bihar fee highest: Rs 12,124
  • University of Hyderabad: 10 thousand 40 rupees
  • Central University of Kashmir: Rs 5 thousand 729
  • Central University of Odisha: 6 thousand 670
  • Central University of Kerala: 9 thousand 20 rupees

Not only BA but also other course fees of Allahabad University are less than other reputed university fees. The increased fees in Allahabad University for B.Sc. is Rs.4151.

B.Sc fees figures in these 5 universities

  • BHU: Rs 4400
  • University of Hyderabad: Rs 13 thousand 770
  • Central University of Kashmir: Rs 17 thousand 468
  • Central University of Odisha: Rs 6670
  • Central University of South Bihar: 12 thousand 124 rupees

The fees of Allahabad University in B.Com has gone up to Rs.3901. 3420 for the same course in BHU, 6670 in Central University of Odisha, 12124 in Central University of South Bihar is charged. The fee for MA in Allahabad University has been increased to Rs 4901. Against the protest of the students, the Executive Council of Allahabad University has told this fee to be less than the fees of other universities.

Data on MA fees in these 5 universities

  • BHU : Rs 4620
  • University of Hyderabad: Rs 10040
  • Central University of Rajasthan: Rs 13340
  • Central University of Kashmir: Rs 7388
  • Central University of Kerala: Rs 12640

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