Allegations of demanding 2 percent convenience fee in registry office, corruption in electricity bill also. Allegations of demanding 2 percent facility fee in registry office, corruption in electricity bill also

SultanpurOne hour ago

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The farmers of Sultanpur have exposed the zero tolerance policy. Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Avnish Singh Guddu said that money is being openly sought in the sub-registration office. 2 percent facility fee is being taken from those who take the documents. Because of this, angry farmers sat on a dharna at the collectorate on Tuesday. Raised slogans demanding action.

More than 10 lakhs is being recovered daily

Farmer leader Avneesh Singh Guddu said that an amount of more than 10 lakh is being recovered daily. Money is being openly taken by the registrar in the name of deed and agreement. Illegal recovery is also being done by the Vigilance Unit of the Electricity Department. On the electricity bill of Rs 2 lakh, an assurance is being given to abolish it by demanding one lakh convenience fee. One lakh rupees electricity bill is given in the morning. In the evening the same electricity bill becomes 1,000. This is blatant corruption.

Farmers made unrestrained allegations of corruption

The farmer leader said that the farmers have mobilized on these issues. Farmer leader Guddu Singh told SDM Sadar CP Pathak to explain to the registrar not to loot openly. Otherwise the farmers of the country will get mobilized to block the register office. In this case, Registrar Sadar Tehsil Rajesh Kumar Singh said that if the work is not done according to the instructions of the farmers, the protest is done. Rampant allegations of corruption are being leveled. There is no truth in this. This protest is being done under the politics of creating pressure.

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