Along with Kanpur, the team also took action in Jhansi and Delhi, computer-laptops were confiscated. Along with Kanpur, the team also took action in Jhansi and Delhi, computer-laptops were confiscated.kanpur

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In Kanpur, till late night, the Incometax teams were busy scrutinizing the documents at the locations of Rakesh Yadav, a contractor-turned-builder.

The builders, businessmen of the state and the city are on the radar of the Income Tax Department. Once again on Wednesday morning, Income Tax teams raided the houses and business premises of many famous businessmen, builders and traders of the city. There was a stir due to the simultaneous raid. These include famous builders Virendra Rai and Vishun Singh Yadav, brother of former MLC Shyam Sunder Singh Yadav. The interrogation went on for several hours. The action of the IT team continued till late night till the time of writing the news.

Simultaneous raids on 32 locations

Several teams of Income Tax Department raided the Ghanaram Group simultaneously. Teams of more than a hundred officers took action at 32 establishments of people belonging to Jhansi, Lucknow, Delhi and Kanpur of Ghanaram Infra Company. The establishments of five Jhansi builders belonging to the group were raided. It turns out that all of them are related to each other. If someone is a partner in a firm or company, then someone has an investment. The establishments of Shyam Sunder Singh, brother of Bishan Singh, director of Ghanaram Company, were also raided. Shyam Sundar is a former MLC of SP. Apart from real estate, the company has major work in dam construction and repair of dams. The company is building a huge mall in Jhansi.

Here’s to Target

In the morning, the officers of the Income Tax Department visited the residence of Ghanaram Group director Bishan Singh, his brother Shyam Sundar’s residence in Jhansi, besides the offices of builders Vijay Saraogi, Virendra Rai, Sanjay Arora, Shiva Soni, Mayank Garg, including the residences and other establishments. Started investigation by taking action at 32 places. Along with this, three establishments in Delhi, three in Lucknow and Kalyanpur Housing Development in Kanpur had their employees and took action at the residence of Rakesh Yadav, who worked as a builder.

late night action

Sources said that the expenses of the company are being shown randomly. Documents related to purchase and sale of land and sale of flats are being scrutinised. The company Jhansi is building a huge mall. Apart from this, many dams have been built and the repair work of dams is being done on a large scale. The company started business in 2013 with an investment of more than 20 crores. A large number of documents, computers, laptops and mobiles have been seized during the investigation. The investigation continued till late in the night.

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