Amarinder Singh’s Tea Party Ahead Of Navjot Sidhu’s Inauguration Tomorrow


The inauguration of Navjot Singh Sidhu and four working presidents under him in the Punjab state Congress will take place tomorrow. Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh will attend the event along with his veteran supporters. Mr Singh has invited party leaders to tea at Punjab Bhawan tomorrow, after which they will proceed to the party office for the programme.

The Chief Minister’s move came after a letter from Mr Sidhu inviting him to the inauguration.

In the letter that pointedly mentioned his appointment by Sonia Gandhi, Mr Sidhu said, “I have no personal agenda, only Pro-People agenda. Thus, as the eldest of our Punjab Congress family, I request you to please come and bless the new tam of PCC”.

Later in the afternoon, Raveen Thukral, the Chief Minister’s media advisor tweeted, “Punjab CM has invited all MLAs, MPs and senior party functionaries at Punjab Bhawan for tea at 10 am on Friday. They will all then go to Punjab Congress Bhawan together from there for the installation of the new PPCC team”.

The Chief Minister has already met part of the new team, images of the meet were also posted along with the tweet.

Mr Sidhu was not part of the delegation that met Mr Singh and the two are likely to meet tomorrow for the first time since the trouble within the party escalated.

Mr Sidhu is yet to extend the public apology the Chief Minister has demanded for his disparaging tweets. But sources said it is likely that there has been some rapprochement between the two.

The cricketer-turned politician was elevated as the Congress president earlier this week after months of infighting that threatened to scuttle the party’s re-election bid in next year’s assembly polls.

The party veterans had also opposed Mr Sidhu — whom they dubbed a “BJP reject” — calling the shots. ย 

The elevation was seen as a snub to the Chief Minister and party veterans, who were against what they dubbed a “BJP reject” calling the shots. Mr Singh had only given a conditional acceptance to the Central leadership’s solution, but all his riders were ignored.

The feud between Amarinder Singh and Navjot Sidhu has been on since the 2017 state elections. Mr Sidhu, who joined the party after a stint in the BJP, hoped to be made Deputy Chief Minister. But the move was reportedly scuttled by Mr Singh. Mr Sidhu has been on the warpath since, publicly criticising the Chief Minister on and off.


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