Amidst Ankita’s pregnancy hint, Sonia gave a statement: She said, ‘Even if she does not get the trophy, she will take something from ‘Bigg Boss 17’.

42 minutes agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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Recently in ‘Bigg Boss 17’, actress Ankita Lokhande has hinted about her pregnancy. The makers have also got their tests done, although the reports have not come out yet. If Sonia Bansal, who was seen in the show, is to be believed, if Ankita’s statement is true then she should not leave the show midway. Recently, during a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Sonia talked openly about things like Ankita’s pregnancy, Vicky Jain’s game, Neil-Aishwarya’s pairing.

Regarding Ankita’s pregnancy, Sonia says, ‘If it is so then it is a very good thing. I think that after this ‘Bigg Boss’ will take more care of him. Perhaps now they will get something good to eat, which is also their right. At the same time, it will be double happiness for this couple, even if they do not get the trophy, they will still take something from this show. Yes, there is a lot of stress in this game but if Ankita is pregnant, then she should not leave the show midway.

For the last few days, there has been a lot of rift between Ankita and Vicky in the show. In such a situation, there is speculation that this is the game plan of this couple. But, according to Sonia, there is no truth in this. She says, ‘Ankita is exactly the same as she appears in the show. If he wants, Vicky always talks to him, whereas Vicky is completely focused on the game. Ankita’s nature is such that no matter how much time Vicky gives her, she finds it less.

During the conversation, Sonia called Vicky her favorite contestant while Aishwarya Sharma was called rude. ‘I am not missing a single episode. I think till now only Vicky is entertaining in the show, although Bigg Boss makes all his planning clear. I believe that Vicky is good at thinking, he is also playing the game well but he is calm, he also has to learn to fight for himself.

He further said, ‘Neil and Aishwarya are not playing well at all. When Aishwarya entered the show, it seemed that she would create terror in the show. But with time his game completely went down. He has absolutely no manners in talking to people. Whereas Neel has no issues to fight. Needlessly, they are fighting with people inside the house. They are a good pair but they are not at all fit for this game.

In the end, Sonia compared the contestants present in the house to cards:

Joker – Tehelka. He is a good person but no less than a joker. They know very well when and where to change their personality.
blank card – Rinku Dhawan looks one thing and does something else. He is completely blank as to what he has to do in the show.
Queen – Ankita Lokhande is the queen of this house.
the ace – Vicky, I am really liking his game.
King -Munawar Faruqui is no less than a king in this house.

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