Amla for air pollution: When and how to eat it for maximum health benefits | The Times of India

Contrary to popular belief, winter is not all about cold and flu. The extreme cold weather also increases the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and respiratory issues, which is predominantly due to the rise in the level of air pollution.

Indian gooseberry can help to overcome all these winter-related health concerns and let you enjoy the weather without any worries. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the winter fruit can promote heart health, keep your blood pressure level in control and prevent liver damage. Due to its high vitamin C content, amla can strengthen your immune health and prevent cellular damage, thereby slowing the natural ageing process.

Most importantly, it can help to strengthen and nourish our lungs and the entire respiratory tract. The vitamin C-rich fruit can effectively combat the ill-effects of pollution on our body.


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