Amrita Singh of 63: Amrita Singh married 12 years younger Saif Ali Khan without telling the family members, relationship broke up in 13 years

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Bollywood actress Amrita Singh turns 63 years old. Amrita married Saif Ali Khan but both of them have been divorced. Even though Saif and Amrita have separated, there was a time when Saif was completely crazy about Amrita. The story of their first date is also very interesting.

Actually, when Saif invited Amrita out for dinner, he refused, saying that he did not like going out. However, he invites Saif to his house. According to Saif, during this period, he stayed at Amrita’s house for two days.

Saif was surprised when Amrita’s makeup came off

In Simi Grewal’s chat show, Saif and Amrita told many things about their first date. Saif said, “When I reached Amrita’s house, at that time she was removing her makeup. I was surprised to see them without makeup.”

When did you first meet

Saif and Amrita first met on the set of the film ‘Yeh Dillagi’. The two met in connection with a photoshoot. According to Amrita, when Saif placed his hand on Amrita’s shoulder during the photoshoot, he stared at Saif, because Saif was new to Bollywood at that time and Amrita was very senior to him.

Secret wedding was done secretly from family

After a 3-month date, Saif and Amrita hid a secret wedding in 1991, as both were afraid of their family’s reaction. The reason for this was the age gap between Saif and Amrita. Amrita was about 12 years older than Saif. According to both, they had decided that they had to live together for their whole life, 2 days before the wedding.

Separated after 13 years of marriage

The couple split in 2004 after playing together for 13 years. Saif and Amrita have two children named Sara and Ibrahim. After separating from Amrita, Saif was dating Swiss model Rosa Catalano for 3 years, but the relationship did not last long and the two broke up. In 2007, Saif met Kareena Kapoor on the set of the film ‘Tashan’. Both dated for 5 years. The couple got married on October 16, 2012. Both are now the parents of a son (Timur). Kareena is going to give birth to another child soon.


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