Anesthesia in the ground: National footballer unconscious during warm-up at golf ground, death due to lack of treatment

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Hopefully! These people would have taken Umesh to the hospital a little earlier

  • Over 500 people were walking the morning in the ground, but nobody picked up for 10 minutes
  • The doctors expressed fear of losing heart due to heart failure, mourning in the sports world

Junior national footballer Umesh Yadav aka Prem was killed during warm-up at the Gelf Ground on Saturday morning at 6:30 am. He was 29 years old and lived in Bhuda Mahavir Nagar Rani Raade. It is being told that Raid’s former love was warming up. Meanwhile, suddenly he fell into the ground.

He remained in the ground for 10 minutes in the same state. He was later picked up from the ground and brought to the track. People also gave CPR by keeping it there for 10 minutes. Despite not returning to consciousness, he was rushed to the Asian Jalan Hospital for treatment. The doctors there left the dead. The doctors have expressed the possibility of losing heart due to stagnation.

Footballer Umesh used to drive a doctor’s vehicle

The deceased’s parents have already died. The elder brother is in the railway. Loved with his middle brother. Along with being a football player, he also worked as a driver’s driver.

In such a situation, an ambulance should be called immediately: Doctor

At the time of the incident, about 5 lakh people were present in the ground. But Prem did not get help. People would see him and move forward. Prem remained on the ground for 20 minutes. He was not taken to the hospital on time. Clinicians say that in case of cardiac arrest a person has only a few significant seconds. An ambulance should be called immediately when a person has a severe cardiac arrest.

Gave 10 minutes of CPR, but did not benefit

Pankaj, who was a manning walker at the Gelf Ground, said that Prem fell during the warm-up in the ground. He lay there for a while. Some people were picked up from the ground and brought to the track. A crowd of people who were present on the macaque gathered at the notice of the fall of love. People started making videos. There was no movement in Prem’s body. Some people gave them CPars but to no avail. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was put dead.

Was selected in home guard, did not join

Prem was a football player. He always played as a stopper. Prem had participated in the Under-19 camp organized for selection in the Junior National Team in the year 2004-05, but could not qualify. In the year 2017, he was selected in HEMGARD, but had not yet joined. At present, he was associated with the Police Line Club.

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