Angry people took out a rally in the village of Panchayat, shouting slogans of ‘Villakay Teri Gundagardi, Nahi Sahenge’. Angry people took out a rally in the village of Panchayat, slogans of ‘MLA teri hooligandi, nahi sahenge’

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Villagers protesting against renaming of village Nauhati

Villagers are continuously protesting against the renaming of Madrak town of Aligarh. Along with the Madrak Gram Panchayat, the names of the villages coming under it are also being changed. Due to which demonstrations are being held continuously in the villages of the Panchayat.

In Nauhati village of Madrak gram panchayat, on Tuesday, people protested fiercely to change the name of the village. The villagers said that on the one hand there is an old history of the town of Madrak. On the other hand, Nauhati village has also hidden many heritage inside itself. So renaming it is wrong.

Heavy sloganeering against Kol MLA

Aligarh’s Kol MLA Anil Parashar has sent a proposal to change the name of the town. He has sent a proposal to change the name of the town from Madrak to Shriram Madrak Gram Panchayat. At the same time, a proposal has been sent to change the name of Nauhati village to Janki Nagar.

The villagers are angry about this. Due to which he took out a rally raising slogans. During this, slogans were also raised fiercely that MLA Tej Gundagardi Nahi Chalegi will not work. People said that they have no objection to the name of the village. Therefore it is wrong to forcibly rename it.

The dharna continues outside the panchayat

The protest of the villagers is going on in protest against sending a proposal to change the name of Gram Panchayat from Madrak to Shri Ram Madrak. People are sitting outside the village by putting up tents and are continuously staging a sit-in. They say that their agitation will continue till this decision is not withdrawn.

Madrak town has railway station

The history of Aligarh’s Madrak town dates back to the time of independence, as well as a railway station in this village. The name of the railway station is also named after the village of Madrak. That is the identity of this village. Due to which the people of the village are continuously protesting.

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