Appeal to all people to cooperate with each other, maintain mutual harmony on festivals. Appeal to all people to cooperate with each other, maintain mutual harmony on festivals

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The meeting of the Peace Committee was held under the chairmanship of District Magistrate Arun Kumar in Mau Collectorate Auditorium. During the meeting, religious leaders of different religions gave their views regarding the successful completion of the festivals. Some members demanded repairing of dilapidated electric poles and wires, electric wires hanging down, route diversion on major days of festivals, broken drains and roads. During the meeting, the District Magistrate, while discussing the cooperation received by the members of the Peace Committee during the past festivals, asked them to cooperate with the district administration during the festivals.

Celebrate the festival with mutual harmony

During this, District Magistrate Arun Kumar directed all the concerned officers to get the problems raised by the members of the peace committee rectified before the festivals. Along with this, he also warned to take strict action in case of negligence in resolving the problems. During the meeting, he asked all the worship committees to do the idol immersion on time. Apart from this, arrangements were also made to ensure that there is no disorder during idol immersion. He asked to celebrate this festival in a pure manner so that the sanctity of the festivals is maintained. The District Magistrate said that the festival of all the communities is celebrated in the district. So everyone should celebrate the festival with harmony amongst themselves. Everyone should help each other.

avoid accident

The District Magistrate asked the people of all communities to control their emotions and wherever there is a possibility of any accident, immediately inform the higher authorities. The District Magistrate asked all the worship committees to keep away those who consume intoxicants during idol immersion, so that any untoward incident can be avoided during idol immersion. He said that all people are equal in the eyes of law. Strict action will be taken against the concerned in case of any disorder, he directed all the committees to celebrate the festival as per the instructions of the government.

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