‘Are Men Emotional?’: Woman’s Exchange With Twitter User Sparks Discussion Online

Woman’s Exchange With Twitter User Sparks Discussion Online. (Image: News18)

Twitter user Cooper asks people if men are emotional and this has started a discussion online.

Twitter user Cooper took to the blue bird app and asked a very deep question: “Are men emotional?”

Usually, it is women who are associated with word “emotions.” Men, often, are not considered to be emotional beings. They are usually more “practical” in their approach. Taking to the social media platform, Cooper shared a few screenshots where she can be seen having an argument with a man. In the screenshot, a user named ‘Spike’ claims “Men are far more logical and rational than women.” To this, a person asks him then why is it that most crimes are committed by men.

Responding to the question, Spike write, “Because we are more physically aggressive, women are aggressive in other forms. Men fight and kill over status.” This is when Cooper hops in and asks: “And what would you say makes you more aggressive? Testosterone?”

This is how the conversation further unfolds:

The tweet has now gone viral and sparked a discussion on men and their emotions. “I mean, as a man, I can go from zero to Macho Man Randy Savage cutting a promo on Hulk Hogan. Typically verbal. But growing up I’ve learned the valuable lesson to just walk away,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “The number of men who just refuse to recognize anger as an emotion never ceases to astonish me.” Here are a few responses:

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