Armed man tries to breach FBI Cincinnati office building

An armed man in body armor was injured in an exchange of gunfire with law enforcement after he attempted to break into the FBI’s Cincinnati office Thursday, authorities said.

An hourslong standoff followed, where the man was at one point “contained,” according to the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency. The agency later said the standoff had ended but provided no other information about the person’s status.

The man attempted to breach the visitor screening facility at around 9 a.m. at the bureau’s field office in Cincinnati, the FBI said in a tweet. After an alarm went off and special agents responded, the man fled north onto Interstate 71.

The man was armed with a nail gun and AR-15, law enforcement sources told NBC and CNN.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers pursued the man, who was wearing body armor and a gray shirt as he fled in a Crown Victoria, said Thomas Breckle, director of Clinton County Emergency Management Agency. Officers traded gunfire with him as he drove away, Breckle said.

The area near Center and Smith roads was closed for hours during a standoff Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022, in Clinton County, Ohio, after an armed man tried to breach the FBI's Cincinnati office and fled north on te highway.

The suspect left the interstate and abandoned his car on nearby roads, where he exchanged gunfire with police. The man has “unknown injuries,” but no one else was hurt, the patrol said.

Parts of the interstate that were shut down during the standoff with police have begun to reopen, officials said. 

Clinton County Emergency Management issued a lockdown for all buildings within a one-mile radius of the area and instructed residents and business-owners to lock their doors and remain inside.

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