Arnab Goswami’s wife accuses Dushyant Dave of ‘selective targeting’ of her husband’s appeal for bail

Samyabrata Ray Goswami, wife of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, has accused Supreme Court Bar Association president, senior advocate Dushyant Dave, of “selective targeting” of her husband’s appeal for bail in the apex court.

Mr. Dave had written to the Supreme Court Registry raising concerns about the “special treatment” accorded to Mr. Goswami by instantly listing his case the same day it was filed.

“When I read Shri Dave’s letter, I am shocked and horrified at the extent to which certain vested interests are at work. Neither do I know Shri Dave, nor have I ever met him. However, the selective targeting of my husband’s petition by Shri Dave shall have to be opposed by me, given his silence on other matters which were taken up by this Hon’ble Supreme Court in its wisdom with urgency in the past,” Ms. Goswami wrote in a letter to the Supreme Court Registry.

Ms. Goswami said the senior lawyer’s “selective outrage” was prejudicial to her husband’s cause, is contemptuous and tended to interfere with administration of justice. She quoted cases which were listed quickly by the Supreme Court for hearing.

Mr. Goswami was released on bail on Wednesday after a day-long hearing.


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