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Around 60% of students in India go to their schools on foot with the number being significantly higher in rural areas and for primary and upper primary students. Overall, more girls walk to school (62%) than boys (57.9%). The second most preferred mode of travel is public transport (12.4%), followed by bicycle (11.3%), according to the National Statistical Organisationโ€™s (NSO) latest report on education. The report says three-fourth of the primary and upper-primary students travel by foot, which comes down significantly in the secondary and above levels. Bicycles are a mode of transport for more than one fourth of students in secondary and senior secondary schools. Distance of the institute from home, as seen during the survey, seems to be in sync with the mode of travel as 77% of the households have a pre-primary school within 2 km, 83.4% for primary and 75.3% for upper-primary, the levels where majority of the students travel on foot. It reveals that while 61.4% male students from rural areas travel on foot, it is 49.4% for urban areas. In the case of girls, it is 66.5% for rural areas and 50.8% for urban areas.


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