Ashwin’s second off the field: Indian spinner’s answer to the question about the English journalist’s pitch, said – Do not be misled by anyone, consider yourself

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The Indian off-spinner flared up when an English journalist was asked questions about the pitch. He responded to that journalist and said that do not fall under the pretext of someone else and say nothing unnecessary and consider it yourself. The journalist asked Ashwin to tell him about the pitch used in Motera for the third Test.

In the third Test, India beat England by 10 wickets within 2 days. With this win, Team India took a 2–1 lead over England in the 4-Test series. The last Test will be played at the Motera Stadium from 4 March.

‘Someone tell me what is the definition of the correct pitch?’
Ashwin told the journalist not to reach any result from the talk of foreign players and media. He said, ‘Tell me what is a good pitch? Bowler bowled well. Batsman should have had good batting to score runs. They failed to do so. How can you tell which pitch is right and which is not? Is there any definition of it?

‘Viewers should expect a good match’
Ashwin said – ‘Pace of the pitch on the first day to help the bowlers, then good batting and in the last 2 days the turn of the ball. Is this an example of a good pitch? Has anyone made such a rule? Now we should come above this thought. ‘ Asked by the same English journalist what do he expect in the next Test? Ashwin asked the same question to the journalist in response. To this, the journalist replied that a good cricket match. Ashwin then said that you should expect the same except worrying about the pitch. This is true.

Many former cricketers including Yuvraj had raised questions
Ashwin completed 400 wickets in the third Test against England. He is the second fastest bowler after Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan to do so. After the third Test, many former players of the world including Yuvraj Singh had raised questions about the pitch. Yuvraj wrote in a social media post- Test is over in two days. Can’t understand whether to call it a good Test cricket or not. If Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh had a chance to bowl on such a wicket, they would have taken 800 or 1000 wickets.

‘Respect in my heart for Yuvi Pa, he didn’t say anything wrong’
Regarding Yuvraj’s post, Ashwin said that I do not see his statement as a criticism. When I read his post, I felt that he was trying to tell how good many of the former bowlers of our country were. Whether he is Kumble or Harbhajan. The kind of state I am currently in, I do not want to take this post in any wrong way. I have respect for Yuvi Pa in my heart.

‘Like product, now ideas are also being sold’
However, most English players were out on straight deliveries in the third Test. Ashwin had posted on a social media on Friday after questions about the pitch were raised. In it, he wrote that the way marketing is done about a product. Similarly, now ideas are also being marketed. Someone gave a statement and after that other people are picking up and selling the same idea. It seems that no one is able to give his idea. This post was also shared widely on social media.

‘People should understand themselves before they say something’
Ashwin said that most people return home happy after winning India’s Test. They say that yes Team India won the match with their hard work. But some people are not happy going home and say that Team India won the match not because of themselves but because of the pitch. After this, they try to change the mindset of the rest of the people in the same way. I don’t want people to think anything of the sort. By the way, people should have their own understanding.

‘Why no one said anything on New Zealand tour’
Ashwin said- ‘It is beyond our comprehension to talk about the pitch. Why don’t you talk about pitches where we get lost. When we play in another country, why doesn’t anyone talk about it. When we went to New Zealand and both Test matches were over within 5 days, nobody talked about it. I do not think we should promote such ideas. ‘

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