Assam Newborn Declared Dead By Hospital Come Alive Seconds Before Cremation

The baby is now under treatment. (Representational)


In a miraculous turn of events, a newborn who was declared dead by the doctors of a private hospital in Assam’s Silchar was found to be alive right before the cremation on Wednesday morning.

The father of the newborn, Ratan Das, said that he took his six months-pregnant wife to a private hospital where doctors told him that due to complications they will only be able to save either the mother or the baby.

“I took my six months-pregnant wife to a private hospital in Silchar on Tuesday evening where the doctors said there are complications in the pregnancy and they can save either the mother or the baby. We allowed them to perform the delivery and they said that my wife has given birth to a stillborn child. On Wednesday morning, we received the dead body,” Mr Das said.

He then received the body in a packet which he took to the crematorium.

“After reaching the Silchar crematorium, when we opened the packet before the last rites, my child cried. We rushed back to the hospital with him and now he is under treatment” Mr Das said.

Soon after the incident, a group of people from Silchar’s Malinibil area gathered in front of the private hospital and staged a protest against hospital authority.

Meanwhile, the family members have lodged a FIR against the hospital and a doctor, of negligence in duty.

On the other hand, the hospital authorities said that they kept the baby under observation for eight hours before declaring it dead.

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